10 new smart home automation ideas for 2023

Revolutionise your home (and your life) with the latest and greatest tech.
Armelle Habib

There is much more to ‘smart home’ appliances than a talking speaker. It’s the twenty-first century, after all – instead, think about to-the-degree precision cooking, transforming televisions and a sleek, steel wardrobe that will smooth out your suit overnight.

The Frame by Samsung
Samsung’s The Frame TV converts to an artwork.

“Smart appliances are truly life-changing,” declares Marine Pestel, marketing director at Tefal. “Innovations today are based on digital technology, and this new era is opening up amazing possibilities.” That is no exaggeration. From saving time to keeping things tidy and impressing your guests, there are plenty of benefits to behold when it comes to embracing innovation. More than ever, there isn’t a room in your home that can’t be ‘smart’.

Here are the top 10 tech heroes on our wishlist:

1. The latest in smart televisions

Design aficionados, rejoice! Not only does the latest release of Samsung’s The Frame TV convert to an artwork when it’s not in use – it has also banished the unsightly cord conundrum. Instead of a tangled mess, the One Clear Cable feature uses a single, translucent cable to connect to the Samsung ‘One Connect’ box which connects all of your devices, including power. Customisable frames for the television itself means it can be designed to suit any style of home seamlessly, and QLED display technology allows clear vision in any lighting. What does this mean? No more glare.

2. Smart kitchen appliances

Say goodbye to the age-old ‘What’s for dinner?’ dilemma and take the stress out of preparing family meals – it’s the last thing you need after a long day at work, right? The secret is products such as Tefal’s latest multi-cooker rendition, the ‘Cook4me touch’. “We’re able to assist users in the preparation of meals through connectivity and services, providing cooking inspiration, offering video tips and step-by-step guidance,” says Marine Pestel of Tefal. Wifi connectivity gives you access to thousands of recipes to follow on the touch screen, and a dishwasher-safe bowl makes cleaning up a breeze.

smart laundry appliances
‘WH1160F2’ front loader with ActiveIntelligence, from Harvey Norman will deodorises and de-wrinkles fabrics in 20 minutes.

3. Smart Laundry appliances

So, that pile of clothes isn’t dirty enough to wash but isn’t clean enough to go back in the cupboard? The answer is the new Steam Refresh cycle on Fisher & Paykel washing machines such as the ‘WH1160F2’ front loader with ActiveIntelligence, from Harvey Norman. “The 20-minute cycle deodorises and de-wrinkles fabrics, leaving them smelling great and ready to wear,” says Roseanna Langtry, marketing manager, refrigeration and laundry at Fisher & Paykel. “Steam also saves water and reduces overall degradation of clothes, being kinder to the environment as well as your clothes.”

V-Zug refresh butler
basically an in-house dry-cleaner, V-ZUG ‘Refresh Butler’ system uses photocatalysis technology.

4. Home dry cleaning machines

Technology might still be working on a method to fold and put away laundry – but until then, the V-ZUG ‘Refresh Butler’ system from Winning Appliances, is the next best thing. It’s basically an in-house dry-cleaner using photocatalysis technology (a reaction caused by light) and a heat pump to dry, refresh and de-wrinkle clothes. “It’s a tour-de-force,” says Bruce Cranston, product expert at Winning Appliances. “Clothes are dried gently and refreshed with steam, while germs and bacteria are eliminated, thanks to the hygiene program. Suits, evening dresses and coats can now enjoy refresh, anti-crease, sanitise and drying treatment at home.”

5. Temperature probe technology in cooking

Have you ever wished there was a way to cook the perfect roast, every single time? The temperature-probe technology in ovens like Gaggenau’s ‘200 Series’ pyrolytic built-in model from Winning Appliances, takes all guesswork out of cooking to give you a precise and expertly cooked finished product. “Probe cooking is increasingly popular as it gives consistent results,” says Bruce. “This oven uses a three-point temperature probe, which ensures an accurate temperature reading and perfect cooking results every time.” This smartest of smart appliances also allows you to save individual recipes (including the temperature probe), so once you’ve nailed that faultless roast, you can set and forget.

Smeg’s ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ built-in blast chiller,
Smeg’s ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ built-in blast chiller cools a case of champagne in just over 30 minutes!

6. A blast chiller for your home

Whether you’re a dessert chef in the making or simply caught off guard by unexpected guests, Smeg’s ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ built-in blast chiller from Winning Appliances, is a god-send. “It cools a case of champagne, wine or beer in just over 30 minutes,” says Bruce Cranston of Winning Appliances. The rapid freezing functionality quickly drops the core temperature of food to -18°C, which means it can also play a big role in reducing your food waste. “It locks in the freshness and allows the storage of frozen food for longer,” says Bruce.

7. Combined gas and induction cooktop

Every keen cook can appreciate the beauty of a gas cooktop, from the instant heat to the consistent flame. But for those who love the convenience of easy cleaning, precise temperature control and energy efficiency, it’s hard to go past the induction alternative. Thankfully, the latest innovation from leading appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel, the ‘CGI905DNGTB4’ gas and induction cooktop, means you can have both. “As people have spent more time at home and cooked more at home, they have experimented and expanded their culinary repertoire,” says Belinda Toner, general manager of product at Fisher & Paykel. “Consequently, they have demanded more from their cooking appliances, which need to be versatile and intuitive.” Best of all, this crowd-pleasing combination comes bundled in a stunning design of black glass and matt-black detailing.

charcuterie fridge
Impress your guests with a dedicated wine, meat and cheese fridge.

8. Home charcuterie fridge

Step up your charcuterie game with a fridge dedicated to preserving wine, cheese and meat – that’s the Fhiaba wine cabinet with prosciutteria kit from Winning Appliances. “Handcrafted in Italy, Fhiaba appliances take food and wine preservation to another level,” says Bruce. “The wine cabinet can also store cured meat and cheese, enabling combinations of use via two climate-controlled areas.” The stainless-steel machine also has accessories to customise zones and the display of products and produce.

smart toilet
Smart toilets – neat and discreet…

9. The latest in smart toilets

Heated seating, built-in deodorising and self-cleaning – could a toilet be any better? A smart toilet is the pinnacle of luxury and technology, and the Lafeme ‘Lucci’ from Bathroom Sales Direct, can be controlled via a smartphone app. It’s sleek, neat and minimalist – and an antibacterial seat means it’s also a germophobe’s dream.

smart desk with integrated pwoer and wireless charging

Smart home office devices

Work from home in style with a streamlined smart desk. Part of award-winning Australian designer Tom Fereday’s debut collaboration with King, the ‘Eto Select’ desk is the first desk in the world to offer integrated power and wireless charging and lighting options.

King living ‘Smart Round Charge’ table

Featuring sleek powered legs that connect to accessories including King Living’s nifty ‘Smart Round Charge’ table is a customisable piece is as understatedly elegant as it is tech-savvy.

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