The Christmas wreath that’s attracting all the love on Instagram

And the details you need to make your own warm welcome
Sue Stubbs

When you flicked through the Christmas issue of Home Beautiful, you may have noticed the gorgeous wreath on the front door of Sally Rhys-Jones’ home, located on Sydney’s northern beaches. Interior architect and talented stylist Sally made the wreath herself (pictured above and below) using a mix of supplies from various local shops. While some of the components are no longer available (sigh!), never fear – we’ve compiled a list of super similar items you need to get crafting, plus a quick step-by-step guide on how to assemble the welcoming wreath display, too.

Gather your supplies


Christmas wreath on front dog with a Great Dane
Violet the Great Dane greets guests at the front door of designer Sally Rhys-Jones’ home (Credit: Sue Stubbs)

Here’s how

STEP 1 Lay wreath flat on work surface. Using the rope supplied with the bells, lash three bells together and tie them to what will become the top of the wreath. Allow the ends of the rope to trail away from the wreath.

STEP 2 Measure and use sharp scissors to cut a 1m (approx) length of hessian ribbon and a 1m (approx) length of striped ribbon.

STEP 3 Lay both lengths of ribbon on top of each other. Tie the ribbon around the top of the wreath, making a neat bow.

STEP 4 Place the over-door wreath hanger in position, centred to the top of your door. Hang wreath from the over-door wreath hanger using rope attached to bells.

STEP 5 Style the ribbons so they trail neatly down the front of the wreath, on each side of the bells. Using sharp scissors, trim ends of ribbon at an angle, using picture as a guide.


If you find that your wreath swings away from the door as you come and go, use small dots of Blu-Tack to temporarily secure the wreath in position.

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