Get creative with this home-delivered DIY pottery kit

Make your own stunning ceramics

The brainchild of Gold Coast locals Rosa-Clare Willis and Andrew Ford, the kit is aimed at keeping hands busy and minds stimulated, especially during the current challenging times.

Create your own gorgeous ceramics

The kit is designed for two people to have a “crafternoon” together, working with clay and sparking conversations.

“Pottery was something that we felt we could both have a go at without feeling insecure about our creative abilities. From the very start it was important to us that we had a product that encouraged healthy minds, so Crockd’s commitment to mental health is something we hope to keep evolving,” said Rosa.

“So many Australians turn to dining out and drinking as a way to socialise with friends and decompress and we just felt we wanted to create an alternative. Now as people feel more pressure to stay in doors, Crockd has become more important than ever,” she continued.

Andrew adds: “The essence of Crockd, is that when you build something from nothing, you plant a small seed of confidence. Once planted, more and more seeds grow after their kind. This is the kind of self-assurance and hope that we all need right now.”

The kit itself includes everything you need to make two keep cups each. It comes with instructions, a set of conversation starters called ‘clay breakers’, a clay block per person, carving tools and a list of local kilns near you.

You can purchase a clay kit for two people starting at $80, $100 for a three person kit and $120 for four. Head to Crock’d for more information.

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