This pineapple hack will blow your mind

Turns out we’ve been eating it the wrong way… forever
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A new discovery is sweeping the internet – how to eat pineapple… naturally.

The world wide web has done it again – the #pineapplehack has intrepid foodies sharing news hitherto unknown by many forward-thinking humans that surely dates back to the beginning of time – how to eat a pineapple properly.

Our social media feeds have suddenly become filled with videos of pineapple lovers embracing the new (old) way to eat pineapple – perhaps best explained by food writer, educator, TV host and ex-Masterchef Australia contestant Alice Zaslavsky aka @aliceinframes, who shared the video on her Instagram feed, excitedly showing how we should be eating a pineapple – just as nature intended.

“It makes perfect sense, because pineapples are made up of individual berries called “fruitlets” that join together into one fruit as the plant ripens,” Zaslavsky explains. “Who knew that each spike is more like a handy hors d’oeuvre handle than a pesky protective coating to be shed before serving!?” she ventures.

A quick dive into the #pineapplehack rabbit hole across the internet yields a raft of similar shares – a couple of #fails but mostly pineapple lovers rejoicing in this new-found discovery. As with all fruit, the success of the method will depend upon the ripeness of the pineapple – choosing a pineapple that is fully ripe and moist may make the fruitlets softer and more likely to yield, though too-ripe may not remove them right at the base.

Alice goes on to road test the method on a later post:


Some people suggest rolling the pineapple gently on a hard surface to loosen the fruitlets or using a small knife to separate and remove them, whilst others have successfully been able to pull away each one with ease.

We think it’s a great excuse to kick back poolside to enjoy the last days of summer! 🍍#happydance

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