How to decorate with dark timber furniture

Don't be afraid of the dark.
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Typically, we expect coastal homes to feature white-washed timber, and light veneers are perfect for Scandi-style interiors, but the allure of dark timber is often overlooked.

Dark stained furniture can bring a sophisticated aesthetic to your home, especially if they’re vintage or antique inspired pieces. If your home is feeling a little flat or perhaps too white, they can also bring some character and contrast to a bland corner. A dark timber round dining table, dark timber chairs in a dining room with dark timber flooring might be a bold look for some, but some clever decorating can make it a beautifully-appointed and airy room that will suit any home.

Stylist Fiona Gould has given us four styling tips that will help make a dark colour scheme look fresh all year round.

1. white walls

Using white paint on the walls will contrast the darkness of the furniture and bring a crispness to the space. White walls also accentuate and maximise your natural light, which is also the key to making it feel fresh and airy.

Photo: Chris Warnes

2. Pop of greenery

Another great way to bring life into a space with dark furniture is greenery. Tropical palms, leafy indoor pot plants will bring freshness to the look.

Photo: Cath Muscat

3. Keep them low

Keep the darker tones to the lower half of the room, to ground the space, and choose lighter colours in the top half. Grouping colours like this is a really clever way to create big bold impact in a space.

Photo: John Downs

4. texture

To keep the space looking inviting and comfortable it’s really important to introduce texture. Woven details like cane and rattan, rustic pots or natural coastal textures like shell will soften the starkness of dark timber furniture.

Photo: Cath Muscat

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