Pretty and practical: This timeless fabric will elevate your everyday

It's making a comeback for good reason.
Alana Landsberry

Touch is one of our most essential senses. Embracing a friend or a lover is proven to increase the feel-good hormone serotonin in our brains, while the weight of a cosy blanket can boost melatonin levels for a deeper sleep.   

The ways things feel can also bring us joy. That’s why it’s important to dress our homes (and ourselves) in beautiful, comfortable fabrics.

Enter: wool, a fabric that’s both pretty and practical. While sheep are mostly associated with wool production, this natural fibre can also come from alpacas and goats, too. This premium material is treasured for its textured appearance, softness, and warmth, as well as its natural insulating abilities.  

Below, we share how to bring wool into your home to elevate your everyday.

1. Beautiful bedding

Wool bedding works double duty, as it’s both visually pleasing and ultra-practical. The fabric’s natural wrinkle resistance ensures bed covers are always smooth and presentable, and it lends itself to dyeing in a kaleidoscope of colours to suit every bedroom style.

Wool also has temperature-regulating qualities, which help you stay comfortable for a rejuvenating, deep sleep. Wool fibres trap air to create a warm, insulating layer in cooler seasons, and draw moisture away from your skin to help you cool down in summer. It’s the best of both worlds, so look out for wool quilts to see you through the cold months.

This light-filled bedroom embraces a neutral colour scheme to instil a feeling of serenity. (Credit: Will Horner)

2. Feel-good flooring

When it comes to touch, there’s nothing more calming than sinking your feet into soft carpet. For everyday comfort, bring a timeless wool rug or carpet into relaxation zones like your living area or bedroom.

Find inspiration at Choices Flooring, which has a wide variety of beautiful wool carpets. Windsor Wool Hartsville, for instance, is a crafted loop pile range made from 100 percent wool that’s allergy friendly, stain-resistant, and more durable than synthetic materials due to its natural structure.

The Hartsville range is easy on the eye, too. Gentle neutral hues like deep greys and charcoals allow the wool carpet to blend into any interior style, creating a sense of tranquillity from the ground up.  

Get up close and personal with Windsor Wool Hartsville in the Sweet Melon colourway. (Credit: Choices Flooring)

3. Cosy clothing

Quality materials are essential for long-lasting staples, so clothing made from natural fibres should take pride of place in your wardrobe. Not only does wool feel luxurious and soft on the skin, but the material is also highly wearable.  

Merino wool, a thinner fabric from the coats of Merino sheep, is naturally UV absorbing and can provide protection against sunlight, while alpaca fibres are strong, elastic, and tear resistant. Cashmere, the jewel in the crown of wool clothing, is soft to touch and cherished for the fineness of the fibres (which come from cashmere and pashmina goats).   

Find daily joy in your clothes by investing in a premium merino, alpaca or wool knit. We have a feeling you’ll treasure it for years to come.  

This alpaca wool pullover is an effortless classic that feels just as good as it looks. (Credit: Friend of Audrey)

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