New designs from Kate Spade

Heatherly Designs welcomes the chic New York designer to their bespoke bedhead range
Heatherly Design

Want to bring a little Kate Spade into your home? These made-to-order bedheads transports the brand’s playful sophistication into the bedroom.

Kate Spade designs | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Gorgeous detailing (Credit: Heatherly Designs)

Inspired by sweet summery days and fresh pastel tones, Heatherley Design has collaborated with fabric house Kravet to add a range of Kate Spade fabrics to their Art Series.

Heatherly custom makes bedheads to order from a selection of over 30 styles and the new ‘Valentine’ bedhead highlights a soft and curvaceous profile and shows off iconic Kate Spade ribbon detail, stitched onto a taupe linen background.

“The introduction of this very feminine collection is a breath of fresh air”

Georgie Leckey, Heatherly Design, Director
Kate Spade designs | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
‘Adele’ footstool (Credit: Heatherly Designs)

Fabrics from the US design powerhouse, “Encourage personal style with a dash of playful, dream charm,” says Heatherly Design Director, Georgie Leckey. The  ‘Adele’ footstool compliments the look and showcases the playful Kate Spade coin spot textured velvet and features a contrast pipe in on-trend greige velvet.

For more information visit Heatherly Design.

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