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House Rules 2019 is underway and we’re loving the first reno!

Teams hit the ground running to decorate with what’s hot right now
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With House Rules 2019 kicking off in a secret inner-city location in Sydney, six teams have arrived to a massive warehouse space and been served up five rules to give the tired first floor living spaces a complete makeover in just three days!

In past seasons team who follow the House Rules most closely are rewarded with the highest scores from the judges and, with Home Beautiful alumnus Wendy Moore on the judging panel along with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and new judge Jamie Durie, they’ll certainly have their work cut out to impress the judges from the get-go.

House Rules 2019 warehouse renovation
From left, new House Rules judge Jamie Durie, host Johanna Griggs, returning judges Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Home Beautiful alumnus Wendy Moore (Credit: House Rules)

The teams are cutting their teeth with the following rules:

  1. Expose the warehouse
  2. Show us what’s hot right now
  3. Create a jewel in each room
  4. Breathe life back in with colour
  5. Stay together at all times

We trawled the ever-inspiring Home Beautiful Pinterest page to show you three ways we would tackle each of the rules:

1. Expose the warehouse

  • Retain the bones of the building to accentuate the scale and history of the building.
  • Allow in plenty of natural light to highlight timber tones and brickwork
  • Decorate with oversized pieces with patina and personality. Take a look at Diane Keaton’s home for a great example of how this can be done.

2. Show us what’s hot right now

  • Introduce bold colours and graphic shapes
  • Use luxe textures such as velvet and faux furs in upholstery and soft furnishings
  • Layer pattern in textiles and artworks 

Katie & Alex have the right idea with their plans to introduce ‘Retro Pop’ colours into their bedroom space.

3. Create a jewel in each room

  • Choose a statement piece for the space to bring a “wow!” factor
  • Incorporate angular surfaces for texture and interest in the space
  • Add vibrant jewel colours or a bit of bling to catch the natural light and sparkle

4. Breathe life back in with colour

  • Stick to a strict palette of bold colour to offset the size and scale of the building
  • Build a moodboard to work from to keep everything working together
  • Layer texture and tone of similar colours to add interest

House Rules is on Channel Seven at 7pm tonight.

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