10 hair dryer hacks to help with your housekeeping

Spoiler: it has nothing to do with grooming!
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In the bustling world of household chores, there exists an unsung hero: the hairdryer. Amidst its primary duty of taming tresses, this unassuming gadget has secret powers that go beyond the realm of beauty routines. Step into a world where household cleaning meets ingenious innovation. From banishing dust bunnies in unreachable corners to pesky wax removal, here are ten hair dryer hacks to harness the power of this humble hair tool.

1. Dusting

We can think of ten things we’d rather do than dust the house so this first hairdryer hack will free up time to spend on more interesting activities. Start in the bathroom but there’s potential to use your hair dryer as a dust buster anywhere in the home:

  • Bathroom: Dust and hair collects around the vanity and in tight corners of your bathroom. When you’re drying your hair each morning, do a quick blow dry of the benchtops and floor to collect debries together in one spot, then grab a tissue to move it all to the bin.
  • Bookshelves: To keep your books and display objects dust free, leave everything in place and set your hairdryer to the cool setting, then hold it 30cm away to blow book spines and tops to dislodge dust. 
  • Hard-to-reach areas: High cupboards, under the bed or light fittings will all benefit from a directed blast of dry air. Wait for the dust to settle, then vacuum as needed.
  • Lamp shades: Fabric lamp shades can be tricky to dust with a soft cloth. Instead, use your hairdryer for regular dusting that requires minimal elbow grease.
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Dust bookshelves using your hair dryer without damaging your books and precious objects. (Photography: Chris Warnes)

2. Emergency ironing

Spray light fabrics with water and hit them with the hairdryer to blow out the wrinkles quick smart! Great for gathered styles and linen garments.

3. Cleaning faux plants and flowers

Whether made from fabric or plastic, make a rule for the first day of each month to hit your faux plants with your hairdryer so the dust never settles and they’ll last longer and remain looking like new!

Coastal bedroom with blue and white bedding and rattan headboard
Dust everlasting plants and flowers with a short blast from your hair dryer. (Photography: Mindi Cooke | Styling: Kylie Jackes)

4. Computer keyboard cleanout

Just like a leaf blower, give your computer keyboard a blowout to dislodge dust and crumbs that collect over time. You’ll be surprised how much gets stuck in there!

5. Removing stickers

Hit hard-to-remove stickers with the hairdryer for about 10-15 seconds to melt the glue and they’ll peel right off!

6. Cleaning sliding door runners

Use your hairdryer in reverse as a vacuum by covering the filter end with a small piece of fabric or an old face mask. Using a cut-down bottle top that fits into the runner cavity and over the filter end of your hair dryer, “vacuum” along the length of the crevice to suck up debris, then empty into the bin.

7. Demisting the bathroom mirror

With or without an extractor fan, the bathroom mirror may fog over after a shower to obscure your reflection. Use your hair dryer to blow warm air in a gentle circular motion across the entire surface to clear the surface and avoid water collecting in the mirror frame, extending the life of your mirror.

Dust tricky corners and demist your bathroom mirror with the handy help of your hair dryer.

8. Removing wax

Remove spilled wax and candle drips from surfaces by first softening with warm air from your hair dryer. This also works beautifully at the base of pretty candle vessels when the wax has burnt away to free them up for another use.

9. Blowing up balloons

Give yourself a break when preparing for birthday parties and celebrations by cutting the top of a plastic bottle and fitting it over your hairdryer nozzle. This narrows the opening so you can set it to cool and easily inflate balloons, one at a time!

10. Cleaning crayon marks

Apply hot hair from the hair dryer to walls or surfaces that have been artfully enhanced by crayon art. It will soften the marks and reduce the need for rubbing, making cleaning easier by wiping with a soft cloth.

Use your hair drying routine to do a few rounds of squats each morning as you dry your hair. Not only will it extend the hold time on your curling brush, it’ll tone and strengthen muscles in your legs and core in one simple movement!

Bonus tip: Hair dryer squats

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