The quirky new tiny house trend in Japan

People are flocking to them!
Aso Farm Land


Necessity is the mother of invention – these cute and quirky earthquake-proof dwellings were built in Kyushu, 550 metres above sea level in the Aso Kuju National Park.

The 450 individual domed huts are made from lightweight polystyrene foam and designed to follow the natural topography of the surrounding landscape.

Part of Aso Farm Land health retreat near the southern Japanese city of Kumamoto, they have been built to withstand earthquakes the area is prone to and were put to the test last year during the Kunamoto earthquakes in April.

Manager of Aso Farm Land resort, Masaya Konishi, manager told Reuters that “These dome rooms were completely unharmed.”

“Wind and earthquakes do not easily damage the dome houses because they have no beams that can be broken, Konishi said, adding that “Not a single pane of glass broke.”
Tiny house trend in Japan
(Credit: Alamy)

Described as a healing space filled with peace, visitors from all over Asia are drawn to the resort with its quirky domed rooms, adventure park, farm and volcanic hot springs.

Tiny house trend in Japan
(Credit: Aso Farm Land)

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