6 steps to getting your bedroom organised

Say goodbye to clutter, and say hello to more time
Martina Gemmola

Before you can effectively use your available storage, you need to thoroughly sort through all of your clothes and accessories first.

Walk-in wardrobe
(Credit: Sue Stubbs)

1. Channel Marie Kondo and carefully consider each item and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”. Then you can make a decision about whether you should keep, donate to charity or chuck.

Make three piles and once you’ve sorted through everything, bag up the ‘donate’ pile and take it immediately to your car, ready to drive to your nearest charity bin or shop. 

Walk-in wardrobe
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

2. Now that your ‘keep’ pile is more manageable, it’s time to think storage. The secret to being well organised – so you’re not fishing around in the back of your wardrobe every day – is to store each item according to use.

3. Items that are out of season should be kept in boxes and vacuum seal bags on upper shelves – use all of the vertical space you have.

Seasonal items and every day work clothes should be stored at eye level and within easy reach. Shoes that you use every day should be at the front of your shoe stack. 

Walk-in wardrobe
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

4. For a clean, streamlined look, buy a series of boxes in the same colour and pattern. Stack them on a shelf and use them to store accessories or other items you need at-hand.

5. Group your handbags and clutches according to size. If you have the opportunity to customise your wardobe, adjust the shelf height so that your bags sit snugly upright. This will give you more space for other shelves. 

Pull-out baskets at eye level offer easy access for scarves, belts and accessories. 

Walk-in wardrobe
(Credit: John Downs)

6. Use a hat stand or a ladder shelf inside your wardrobe for hanging hats, scarves, handbags and belts. 

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