12 of the best ideas for Lego storage

A dozen ways to get it off your floor and organised

Lego has been loved and littering our floors since 1932. Here are 12 creative storage ideas to keep a lid on it.

We love Lego for the endless play and learning it offers young minds – the very word itself comes from an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”. From construction to colour coordination, space to super heroes – there’s a creator in every child that comes to the fore when surrounded by the wonder of these colourful bricks.

The balance between keeping the Toy of the Century accessible, ready for play and tidy enough to avoid constant curses (who hasn’t yelped in pain as they traversed the lounge-room floor scattered with bricks and bodies?!) has to be one of the greatest parenting challenges of all time.

The key however, must be to keep it simple and focus on spontaneous play – as Lego says, “All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences.” If colour coordinated tubs look amazing to you but keeping them sorted is more than you or your child(ren) can manage, it may add more stress to you both.

Things to remember:

  1. Keep it simple – it’s supposed to be fun!

  2. Consider how easily your child can come and go from play

  3. Allow for easy packing away

  4. Be creatives to stimulate their imagination

  5. If possible incorporate a display area for creations

Here is our roundup of genius ideas from Pinterest and beyond to conquer the (Lego) world:

1. Corner playstation

Top tip: Secure Lego base boards to top of cabinets for stability and instant building

We love: Simple table hack, clever use of corner, sliding tubs underneath

2. Table tub

Top tip: When space is tight, a small playstation works really well

We love: A reversible lid for easy hideaway, compact portability

3. Drawstring playmat

Top tip: Ensure sturdy stiches to standup to regular pulling and tugging. Incorporate padding in the base for added comfort

We love: That you can make it yourself in fabric to match whichever room it will be stored in!

4. Under-bed platform

Top tip: Add carpet offcuts to underside for easy sliding on floorboards

We love: It’s simplicity – anyone can do this!

5. Converted coffee table

Top tip: Upcycle your existing coffee table for this project and upgrade to a new one for your living room!

We love: The low height of a coffee table suits a child perfectly

6. Open drawer under bed

Top tip: Upcycle an existing under-bed tub or old drawer by adding wheels and handles

We love: Easy accessibility – everything is immediately visible to encourage immediate play

7. Sunken table tubs

Top tip: Tap the image to follow the Pinterest link for a great weekend DIY project

We love: A stylish solution to a messy problem

8. Shoe organiser

Top tip: Fix Velcro strips to tops for a travelling wall of Lego!

We love: See-through pockets, easy & affordable idea

9. Corner command station

Top tip: For the serious Lego builder, install shelving above storage for display of creations

We love: This solution for an older child, who can take charge of the organisation and display themselves

10. Colour coordinated

Top tip: Consult your children as to how they’d like to organise their bricks and enlist their help from the get-go

We love: Upcycled printer’s tray hung with mini figures above

11. Mini figure shelves

Top tip: Line shelf with Lego board to keep figurines in place

We love: Space-saving narrow strip shelf doubles as storage and display

12. Zip-up play mat

Top tip: Use oilcloth for hard wearing and easy cleaning

We love: DIY project that doubles as a tidy storage cube

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