How to make a succulent table centrepiece

Succulents take centre stage in this easy DIY project.

Succulents are such versatile little plants. Not only are they drought tolerant, low-maintenance, easy-to-grow from cuttings and super cute, they can also be turned into all sorts of living decor. 

In this project, Tara Dennis, decorator and founder of Pepper Whites, pairs a bit of driftwood with succulents to create a stunning table centrepiece. “The texture of driftwood is gorgeous and looks perfect along a table,” she says. 

Find out how to recreate this fun project by yourself at home. Want more succulent DIY projects? Try creating a mini succulent Christmas tree or succulent wreath.

Tara Dennis next to table with suculent centrepiece in it
(Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes)

You will need:

• Discarded tree branch

Potting mix suitable for succulents

• Netting, if required



Note: Branches with small hollows are ideal as you can tuck in little plants neatly. Succulents need only a light mist of water every now and then.

Birds eye view of driftwood succulent table centrepiece
(Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes)


1. Add potting mix to hollows in branch. If your log has a hole all the way through, use a little netting to retain the soil.

2. Arrange succulents in their pots at varying heights to see how they will sit in the planter. Have taller types shadowing smaller, as well as low-covering ones to create interest. Then plant them directly in the soil.

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