Easy updates: Revamp tired furniture with these DIY projects

Two quick and easy projects for a not-so-lazy afternoon

Your old furniture has more potential than you think – check out our easy-to-follow DIYs and bring your old pieces back to life. 

Upcycle vintage chairs


Breathe new life into old chairs (we bought these second-hand for a song) with a coat of paint and bold cushions. First, spray chairs with primer. When dry, apply two coats of black spray paint; we used Rustoleum spray paint in Gloss Black ($17). To make cushions, choose a fabric and take it to a furniture manufacturer, such as Sofarie, for made-to-measure covers.

Revive an old filing cabinet

Choose a wallpaper design to cover the cabinet, then remove the drawers and handles. Measure drawer fronts and cut paper to size. Spray drawer fronts with adhesive, then cover with cut paper and smooth with a cloth. Trim any excess paper with a blade. Cover the top and sides of cabinet using the same method. Apply a water-based top coat to seal. When dry, reinsert drawers and reattach handles.

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