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How to make exposed materials a feature in your home

Our top tips for styling with bricks, pipes and timber
exposed brickMARCEL AUCAR

Exposed materials have a distinctive profile and texture, and are great for injecting personality into your home. We take a look at three different materials and how to style them in your living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Living room

Add an element of wow to your living room by using exposed bricks as a focal point. They add natural, yet textural warmth and look terrific when paired with a more polished finish such as crisp white walls. The La Paloma range from Austral Bricks has an earthy finish in shades of white, black or Azul (shades of blue-grey).


While exposed beams look magnificent in any room, we love the feel they give to a bedroom. Accentuate high ceilings by leaving beams free of any paint or clutter. Choose a contrasting colour, such as white, as your backdrop and use similar coloured timber in your furnishings to bring the room together.



For your bathroom, opt for exposed piping as your attention-grabbing feature. Copper piping looks brilliant against a black or white backdrop, while silver piping paired with marble will create a luxe hotel-like look. Choose retro, industrial-style tapware to achieve a raw, warehouse-like feel.

(Credit: Cath Muscat)

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