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Your guide to soft flooring

Choosing a new carpet? Here's what you need to know

Carpets are warm, noise absorbent, durable and a great choice for high-traffic zones. Not every carpet is made the same though. If you’re in the market for soft flooring, here’s what you need to know.



Pile: Cut or loop?

A loop pile carpet is in its original woven form. It gets its name ‘loop’ because loops of fibre are attached to the backing. There are sub-styles such as textured loop, multilevel loop and special loop like Berber carpets. They tend to have a soft, smooth feel underfoot. 

‘Cut’ is when the loops are split. This produces an upright pile that tends to look more formal. Again there are sub-styles to this such as frieze, cut pile twist and cut pile plush.



(Credit: Marcel Aucar)

Materials and blends

Polypropylene is a value for money fibre that is colourfast and durable. Polypropylene generally is not as resilient to crushing as other fibres so you’ll normally find it made into low level loops and tightly packed cut piles to assist it to maintain its appearance.


Polyester is another price focused fibre that delivers good value in cut pile twists in the lower to middle spectrum. This fibre comes in a variety of colours and is naturally stain resistant but not as good as some other fibres when it comes to resistance to crushing.


Nylon is a stain resistant fibre that can be coloured to almost any colour so is a great fibre to seek out if you’re searching for a unique colour palette. Thanks to the manufacturing process it is also fairly resistant to crushing and has been a very popular carpet fibre in Australia for decades.


Solution Dyed Nylon is arguably the most popular fibre in Australia. Solution Dyed Nylon is coloured during manufacturing to create solid colour all the way through the fibre (like a carrot). It’s outstanding for colourfastness and also has the in-built resilience that Nylon has.


Triexta is a next generation fibre that is renewably sourced from around 37% corn starch. It comes in a large palette of colours and is soft to touch, yet also very durable. It has inbuilt stain resistance as it is very non-absorbent. In actual fact, you just need water to clean it and no chemicals are required!


Wool is natures own fibre. Wool is naturally durable, comes in a variety of soft natural hues and has lasted the test of time as one of the worlds most trusted carpet fibres. It comes in loops, twists, plush piles and also in both tufted and woven formats. Wool can be easily cared for thanks to each individual fibres construction and is also fantastic for commercial applications thanks to the fact it is naturally fire resistant.

(Credit: Carpet Court)


Dark carpets can create a cosy, warming atmosphere. They are great for a cool room, however, they can make a room feel smaller. Neutral-coloured rugs are a great choice as they can transition through different trends and styles. If you want a bright floor covering, rugs are easier to switch up as seasons change and trends evolve. Lighter carpets can make a small room feel bigger but beware; they are more sensitive to stains. A carpet in a lighter colour is a great choice for hallways and studies, as it will prevent that boxed-in feeling.

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