Stop everything! Uber Eats is delivering an entire bar to your doorstep for $40

Limited time, lotta laughs
Photo: Uber Eats

Home delivery just got a little more exciting as the Mr Incredible of cocktails, world-renowned mixologist Stefano Catino, of Maybe Sammy fame, hosts a popup VIP cocktail experience in the “Bar in a Car” – right on your doorstep. 

Uber Eats A Bar in a Car
Carpark cocktails, anyone?

Can’t decide where to go tonight? Frock up in your front yard or simply get the party started with this one-off experience that includes nibbles and cocktail showbags for you and three guests. “On Uber you can go anywhere or get anything – including amazing experiences to share with your family and friends,” says Stefano. “The Bar in the Car is the perfect way to extend summer at home for one last hurrah before you have to head back to the grind.”

For $40, selected suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne can embrace midsummer vibes and order up Stefano for a 30-minute VIP cocktail mixology class, including nibbles and a cocktail kit to make at home. All you need is to be sober, over 18 and have a guaranteed car space. What could possibly go wrong?

A bar in a car on Uber Eats
Forget the stretch limo, this six-wheeled watering hole parks right in your driveway. (Credit: Photo: Uber Eats)

Level up your quiet night in by nabbing one of the (limited booking) selected spots via Uber Eats around the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas, but be quick! Bookable slots run from 3pm until 9:30pm on each day it is live, as follows:

Bar in a Car locations: 


  • Thursday 19 January searchable in Manly 
  • Friday 20 January searchable in Manly 
  • Saturday 21 January searchable in Bondi 
  • Sunday 22 January searchable in Bondi 
  • Monday 23 January searchable in Summer Hill 
  • Tuesday 24 January searchable in Parramatta VIC: 
  • Saturday 28 January searchable in Richmond 
  • Sunday 29 January searchable in St Kilda 


  • Saturday 28 January searchable in Richmond 
  • Sunday 29 January searchable in St Kilda
A bar in a car on Uber Eats
Backyard bevvies with a touch of luxe. (Credit: Photo: Uber Eats)

Three cocktail kits on offer:

 The Nightrider 

Messina Choc Hazelnut Martini. This delicious cocktail is a martini twist featuring Messina’s famous choc hazelnut spread, premium Vodka, espresso and creamy Baileys. Don’t forget to garnish with some crushed Ferrero Rochers.

 The Reverse Park 

Brix Spiced Spritz Cocktail. Our Brix rum is infused with native Australian lemongrass, bush currants, roasted Aussie macadamias, mangos, grapefruit, cinnamon, and vanilla. It is the perfect balance of bright citrus and full-bodied sweetness with a lingering depth of spice on the palate that compliments perfectly with our mango and nutmeg spritz.

 The Gearshift 

Sloe Gin – Hellfire Bluff. Hand-picked berries are macerated in our quality sloe gin from Tasmania to draw out the intense colour and bright ripe flavours resulting in a beautifully sweet aperitif with hints of citrus and spice.


*Terms & Conditions apply and the responsible service of alcohol is observed at all times. Drink responsibly.

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