Trend forecast: Bare simplicity

A calm, considered vibe permeates this new take on minimalism, with texture taking centrestage against a restrained backdrop
Chris Warnes

The harsh blue-whites of noughties minimalism yield to the more forgivable hues of ash-grey, stone, flax and ecru, while rigid lines are exchanged for rounded shapes for a warmer, enduringly liveable ambience. Finishes are tactile: hewn timber, soft pile and dense weaves.


Considered collections predominate, with simple shapes and unfussy materials working together to produce interesting, unaffected vignettes.


Wall colour: Lexicon, Dulux (Credit: Chris Warnes)

Lack of adornment is the cornerstone of this trend. All the simple pieces fit together perfectly; there’s nothing that pops out.


Ivory and mushroom tones convey a softness and warmth that is the ideal complement to the more solid, worthy hues delivered by vintage timber and recycled boards.

Bare Simplicity | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

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