5 cosmetic fixes to beautify your home

Giving your home a facelift doesn't need to be a long, expensive process

A complete renovation might not be on the cards, but a quick, fresh update to your main living spaces can take your home from shabby to chic in no time at all. Here are some tips and tricks to get your home guest-ready.


1. Entryway

The first thing you and guests see when coming to your home is the front door. If the paint is starting to look cracked and lack-lustre, it may be time for a fresh coat. If the budget stretches, outdoor lighting will add instant curb-appeal. 


2. Bathroom

Investing in a new vanity can change the whole space and take it from dated to modern. A large vanity will create more storage while a small floating one will free up floor space and create an illusion of space. Another quick, budget-friendly trick is new tapware. Change the look and feel of your bathroom with new faucets for the sink, bath and shower.



3. Kitchen

We spend so much time here, it only makes sense to create a relaxing, welcoming space. If your kitchen is starting to feel cluttered or dated, a simple trick to lift the space is a splash of paint. White paint will bounce more light around while dark cabinetry will add drama and sophistication. Sleek, modern handles for drawers will make the space feel new. To really give it a facelift, put down the paint brush and opt for new cabinetry. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but make sure you choose a layout that suits you. 


4. Living room

Look at your lounge room with new eyes by investing in lighting. A stunning pendant can add instant glam. Avoid downlights as they create an uncomfortable grid of light and shade. Ambient lighting that focuses on a piece of art or special feature of the room such as a fireplace creates a warm, even glow that bounces inwards, towards the centre of the room. Floor lamps or table lamps are ideal for illuminating a spot such as a comfy chair for reading while dimmable lights are the perfect choice to allow you to transform the room into a relaxing haven at night. A strategically placed mirror will also help to bounce light around and make the space feel bigger and brighter.


5. Bedroom

Create hotel-like bliss by updating the linen. Sumptuous layers and new cushions will make your bedroom feel brand new. White is timeless and transcends trends, while stripes and industrial-style furniture look polished and peaceful. Soothing blues paired with soft white creates a relaxing haven. Clear out any old furniture and paint bedside tables for a new look. To go the extra mile, a soft rug in natural materials will add warm tones to the room.

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