How to achieve home harmony in three steps

Home is where the heart is, and with a few clever styling tricks it can be a true haven, too
Chris Warnes

From the moment we step out of bed, it can be full-speed ahead as we juggle the daily demands of work and family. While it can seem tricky to find a quiet spot to escape to in a busy household, with a little reorganisation it’s possible to carve out spots to unwind. “The key to creating a sanctuary is to clear clutter and chaos, and imbue spaces with soothing colours and pieces that simply make you feel good,” says interior designer Joanna Ford.

Home Beautiful chic bathroom
Choose pared-back style (Credit: Chris Warnes)

1. Clear the clutter

When your home is filled to the brim with “stuff” – be it dishes in the kitchen, school bags in the hallway or an abundance of accessories in the bathroom – it can feel overwhelming. “Clutter can be stressful particularly if there’s nowhere peaceful for your eye to land, so look to create visual balance and contain eyesores,” says Joanna.

Home Beautiful modern reading nook
Relax among clean lines (Credit: Chris Warnes)

2. Create calm

Dim ambient noise – especially in a timber or hard-floored home – with runners and rugs underfoot; double-glazed windows to screen out road noise; good insulation and soft furnishings, such as curtains and fabric blinds, to help reduce echo. Serenity for some is silence, while others love background music, so cater for both with an integrated sound system – try Sonos or Yamaha – that can be switched on and off in different rooms.

Home Beautiful pastel bedroom
Sooth the soul with colour (Credit: Chris Warnes)

3. Pick your palette

Colour has a big impact on mood, so consider which hues you instinctively gravitate towards. “Most people find a restrained palette more relaxing, with blues and greens great choices mixed with white, light grey or taupe,” recommends Anoushka Allum of SmartSpace Interiors. “Bedrooms or small lounge rooms can also feel wonderfully cosy painted in darker shades, such as charcoal.”


Learn more about creating your own sanctuary within your home inside Home Beautiful‘s February 2017 issue, on sale now.  

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