Simple ways to improve your home security, according to editor Elle Lovelock

Explore the best smart security solutions for added peace of mind.
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“Life is busy, right? Between work and kids, it’s hard to keep an eye on everything without being in two places at once,” says Home Beautiful editor Elle Lovelock.

At the helm of a magazine, work and family life leaves Elle pretty time-poor, so she reached out to the Optus O-Team to improve her home security and make life easier with smart device solutions.

The O-Team, smart experts who know the world’s best smart devices inside and out, helped Elle safeguard her space with a new display hub, smart speakers, a smart doorbell and security cameras.

“My new doorbell and security cameras not only alert me when someone is on the property, I can have a conversation through it as well. When I’m home, I can do it through my display hub, and when I’m out I can see it from my mobile,” she explains.

“What I love about these smart devices is the way you can keep things under control with the whole family — including the four-legged ones.”

With in-home installation and contactless tech support options via phone or chat available, the O-Team is on hand to help from start to finish, as much or as little as you like. Here, we answer all your smart security questions with expert advice from the O-Team.


The advantage of smart devices is that there is a huge range of options that can help make life easier. But the flip side of choice is that all that decision-making can become overwhelming. That’s where Optus Smart Spaces and their O-Team of smart tech experts come into play. The O-Team have curated the latest smart devices into collections that suit your needs. Not only do they suggest the perfect combination of products to optimise your home’s iQ, they can come to your home and take care of the installation and set-up, too.


It’s important to look at the needs of your home and family, and where your daily pain points lie. Do you have a large property and find it hard to get to the front door quickly when someone knocks? Do you feel better when you know what’s happening in your front and back yard, even when you’re not at home? Do you want the peace of mind of seeing a package get delivered in real time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Optus have a range of smart devices that can help, bundled together in an easy-to-choose collection that the O-Team can help you with.

For Elle, it was important that the devices she selected not only look good, but they also needed to integrate into her life without interruption. “My home security was all important but equally important was how they looked and functioned in our home,” she says.


Optus Smart Spaces Collections are designed around everyday needs to help simplify your life. With options such as Security, Entertainment or Productivity, these device bundles range from two to eight products and are the perfect entry point to kickstart your smart home.


Each Collection brings together a group of smart devices that work seamlessly together. Selected for their functionality, compatibility and value for money, included devices range from video doorbells, display hubs and smart speakers, through to security cameras, lighting options and wi-fi boosters.

These smart products provide simple solutions that can optimise everyday tasks, like morning routines, household deliveries and night-time relaxation. Most importantly, these devices are voice activated, providing you with hands-free help as you move about your home.


Once you’ve selected your smart device Collection from Optus Smart Spaces, you can also arrange for in-home installation from the O-Team. These qualified smart tech experts will come out and install your new products, get all the smart tech in your home working seamlessly together and show you how to manage your new devices through the app, just like Elle did. “Smart devices installed by a licensed professional have made my home feel safer and more secure,” she says.

Brought to you by Optus Smart Spaces. The O-Team installation services are currently available in select Sydney and Melbourne metro locations only. All devices and features require Wi-Fi and compatible smart devices, sold separately. NSW M/L 000107248. VIC: GMEC Solutions Pty Ltd 96082270S

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