Miranda Kerr’s style secrets

The Australian supermodel shares how she unlocks her creative side
Royal Albert

For her Royal Albert Collection: “Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and she had a Royal Albert tea collection that I was fascinated by. We’d have afternoon tea parties and it was always a time for us to sit together and share stories. When Royal Albert approached me to design a collection, I wanted to create something timeless in honour of my grandmother. We’ve just launched an extension to the teaware, and have included glassware, vases and giftware [pictured with Miranda]. I really enjoyed the creative process of designing my own range.”

Family: “Seeing the world through my son’s eyes is magical and enchanting. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything but he notices the smallest things – it may be a little bird, or the shape of the clouds above us. Taking the time to sit with him drawing and painting really inspires my creativity.”

“Like most women, I am multi-faceted and I feel the essence of who I am is joyful and fun. I wanted to capture that with the collection”


Inspired by travel: “I’m constantly travelling for my work and I love absorbing different cultures and environments – the food, the fashion and the lifestyle. I love getting out and exploring national parks and gardens as well as street markets and art galleries. Nature is a constant source of inspiration. I’ve always been in awe of its beauty and strength. ”

Time to relax: “Having a calm mind really opens up my creative side and allows me to think outside the square. I’m much more inspired after yoga or meditation. I love music, too – everything from classical and pop to country and hip-hop.”

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