10 simple tips for styling your home with mirrors

And where to shop the latest styles!
A classic sitting room with a glass chandelier and vintage-style furniture.Photography: Kate Enno / Styling: Annalese Hay

Mirrors are the ultimate decorating tool. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, they offer a stylish solution for filling empty wall or floor spaces, with the ability to add volume and work with any colour palette or decorating style. Mirrors can also make a dramatic design statement and create the illusion of space, making small areas within the home feel larger. Whether hung as a single piece or grouped together in a cluster, strategically placed mirrors help reflect light and colour around the room, doubling your decorating efforts.

Not sure where to begin? Here are 10 mirror styling ideas to elevate almost any space in your home.

A French provincial style sitting area in the main bedroom.
An antique-style mirror in this French provincial home is an eye-catching centrepiece. (Photography: Caz Machin / Styling: Lisa Hilton)

1. Mix different eras

Think outside the bathroom and bedroom; mirrors can completely transform a space to bridge the old and the new. An antique mirror can add character to a new build, while a contemporary piece gives a new life to old walls or a heritage interior.

A Hamptons style living area with a timber coffee table and inset fireplace.
An antique mirror, a gift from the owner’s parents, lends a classic feel to this Californian bungalow. (Photography: Simon Whitbread / Styling: Jamee Deaves)

2. Substitute mirrors for art

Want to invest in art but but can’t decide between abstract or impressionist, photographic print or sculpture? If you’re stuck on what to do with a certain wall, opt for a mirror with a beautiful frame. A mirror can be art in itself, as per the grand vintage piece above. 

A luxury-style living room with a marble fireplace, framed deer art and a bronze leaf mirror.
A palm leaf mirror (Cromwell) artfully contrasts with the fireplace in this luxurious alpine abode. (Photography: Martina Gemmola / Styling: Belle Hemming)

3. Reflect the garden

Expertly placed mirrors can reflect both light and views, including of the garden – which brings the outdoors inside and can make you feel like you’re surrounded by lush greenery. What about a mirror in your garden, fixed to a courtyard wall, for example? “This can provide the illusion of an entire other space,” says celeb landscape gardener Charlie Albone. “A mirror can make a space look larger and provide a point of difference in your garden.”

Large arched mirrors reflecting the garden
A series of arched mirrors from OneWorld Collection on the verandah of this 100-year-old cottage literally reflect the home’s sprawling gardens. (Photography: Louise Roche / Styling: Jessica Bellef)

4. Bring light into a powder room

Make a small space, such as a powder room, seem significantly bigger with a tall, wall-mounted mirror. This gives the illusion of height, while reflecting light — making what’s often a darker, windowless room seem brighter. Consider a backlit LED mirror, which provides functional light without the need for bulky wall sconces.

A powder room with blue and gold wallpaper and a timber vanity.
A vintage-style mirror helps to brighten this historic home’s powder room, wallpapered in Harlequin ‘Moku’ wallpaper in Indigo/Pebble. (Photography: Elise Scott / Styling: Bea + Co)

5. Enhance entryways with mirrors

A mirror is a classic addition to a hallway or entrance, which is usually the first room guests will see. Stand an ornate framed mirror on a console table or credenza (a great option if you’re renting) or free up tabletop space for decor by fixing the mirror to the wall. To make a statement, you could group several smaller, wall-mounted mirrors together. 

A foyer with a custom red and white mirror and cane console.
In the lower foyer of this Brisbane Queenslander, a custom ‘Lyford II’ mirror from Oomph Home helps to open up the space. (Photography: Tim Salisbury / Styling: Jackie Brown)

6. Give the gift of height

A tall floor mirror leaning against a wall tricks your mind into thinking the ceilings are higher. In the space below, where a mirror’s been placed by the dining table, it also gives guests something to look at in the reflection during a dinner party or lunch – rather than a whole lot of wall.

Arched floor mirror in dining room of Mediterranean-style home
This Santorini-inspired home in Noosa is made even more spacious with an oversized arched mirror, which helps delineate the dining area from the open-plan kitchen. (Photography: Louise Roche / Styling: Kylie Jackes)

7. Reflect yourself 

Turn a tiny bedroom corner into a ‘dressing room’ or makeup station with the addition of a low-hung mirror. All you need is a small desk or floating shelf, a stool or ottoman. If you have a family or live with housemates, it’ll take the pressure off the bathroom at peak hour, too!

A vintage style dressing table with a lamp and purple flowers.
In the main bedroom of this renewed Queenslander, antique drawers join vintage works and a Cromwell mirror. (Photography: Hannah Puechmarin / Styling: Hayley Jenkin)

8. Enhance your blooms

Get more value out of your fresh stems. Strategically placing a flower-filled (or leaf-filled) vase in front a mirror can make your arrangement appear to be twice as big. To complete the look, style your console or table with a lamp, a couple of books, an objet d’art and a trinket dish for keys and coins.

Victorian-style hallway with antique mirror
This Federation-era home in Sydney is a showcase for the owner’s French antiques, such as this table and mirror from Dusty Luxe. (Photography: Alana Landsbury / Styling: Corina Koch)

9. Double your ‘windows’

Owning a place with walls of glass providing endless views of lush landscaping is the dream, right? If you’re not on acreage, just cheat. Hang window-pane mirrors that reflect the garden outside to make you feel like you have more windows — no demolition necessary. Opt for an iron or timber frame for a rustic, farmhouse or boho vibe.

Large statement mirror in living room
Hanging a window-pane mirror will create the illusion of, you guessed it, a window. This one offers another view of the garden on this 20-acre property on Sydney’s Central Coast. (Photography: Brigid Arnott / Styling: Jessica Bellef)

10. Add a mirror to your mantel 

A mirror is a far more chic addition to a fireplace mantelpiece than a giant TV screen. Whether it’s round or rectangular, choose a mirror that’s at least two-thirds of the width of the mantel, but no wider than the mantel. It doesn’t need to stand alone; you can always add a layer by resting a smaller artwork against the mirror or styling with sculptural elements, books or vases towards the side (or sides) of the mirror.   

A classic sitting room with a glass chandelier and vintage-style furniture.
In this classic sitting room, the inclusion of a mirror draws attention to the mantel, adding a decorative touch. (Photography: Kate Enno / Styling: Annalese Hay)

Shop mirror ideas


Luna floor mirror

$599, Castlery

Best for: Adding to your art collection

The Luna floor mirror, with its divine curves and natural finish, looks as though it belongs in an art gallery. Just one of three stunning options in the Luna collection, the floor mirror is made from resin with a concrete-like texture, serving as an eye-catching sculptural piece in the home. Other sizes include the small and large wall mirrors, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit.

Sizes: Small, large and floor sizes

Colour: White Resin

Materials: Resin, glass and engineered wood

Key features:

  • Concrete-like finish
  • Made from resin
  • Anti-tip kit included


‘Parvani Bouquet’ mirror

$699 (now $559), Early Settler

Best for: A hint of nostalgic charm

On the hunt for an antique mirror? Crafted from mango wood with a lovely grey finish, the ‘Parvani Bouquet’ mirror exudes vintage beauty that complements both country and coastal-style homes. Place on top of a mantel or in the hallway for an instant touch of elegance.

Size: 100cm x 126cm

Colour: Grey

Material: Mango wood

Key features:

  • Hand-carved
  • Coastal and country style
  • Crafted from sturdy mango wood


‘Hubert’ arched floor mirror

$299, Freedom

Best for: Never going out of style

Simplicity shines in this minimalist arched floor mirror by Freedom, offering both style and function. A brushed brass frame surrounds a sleek pane of mirrored glass, working to brighten any space, whether wall-mounted or placed on the floor.

Sizes: 100cm, 150cm, 180cm and 215cm

Colour: Brushed brass

Materials: MDF, metal and glass

Key features:

  • Framed in aluminium
  • Minimalist style
  • Perfect for wall-mounting


‘Amir’ wall mirror

$315 (now $309), Temple & Webster

Best for: Artisanal appeal

The ‘Amir’ wall mirror’s bone inlay design creates a striking visual effect, complemented by a sturdy mango wood frame. The delicate flower motifs are all part of the meticulous craftsmanship, featured in classic black and white, that elevates this wall-mounted mirror to a stunning centrepiece.

Size: 76cm x 76cm

Colour: Black, light wood

Materials: Mango wood, bone inlay and glass

Key features:

  • Handcrafted
  • Solid timber frame
  • Wall-mounted


‘Sylvia’ art deco wall mirror

$179, Fantastic Furniture

Best for: reason An opulent statement piece

Add a luxurious statement to your home decor with this glamorous ‘Sylvia’ wall mirror. With its distinctive geometric shape and gold frame reminiscent of the roaring 20s, this mirror is ideal for both classic interiors and modern homes alike. Mount above an Art Deco dresser or console table to amp up the luxury.

Size: 80cm x 85cm

Colour: Gold

Materials: Metal and glass

Key features:

  • Classic art deco look
  • Gold framing
  • Pair with matching console


Crimson wall mirror

$349, Castlery

Best for: The natural stone lovers

It’s impossible not to admire this wall mirror’s red travertine base which holds a simple and beautiful arched pane of mirrored glass. The Crimson mirror comes in both floor and wall sizes, effortlessly bringing natural charm into the home. Mounting hardware is included for easy installation.

Sizes: Wall and floor mirror

Colour: Natural Red Travertine

Materials: Stainless steel, red travertine, glass and engineered wood

Key features:

  • Rose gold matte finish
  • Room designer tool available
  • Hanging hardware included


‘Copacabana’ wavy mirror

$129, Temple & Webster

Best for: A casual coastal aesthetic

Love that fresh holiday feel? The ‘Copacabana’ mirror’s fetching look echoes a coastal getaway, with a wavy frame made from bulrush, a grassy perennial. Complete the look with a rattan armchair or jute rug for a natural coastal vibe. The mirror is also incredibly easy to mount with hardware included.

Size: 100cm x 60cm

Colour: Light wood

Materials: Steel, glass and bulrush

Key features:

  • Made from natural bulrush material
  • Organic shape
  • Easy installation


Iron arch mirror with panes

$659 (now $399), OneWorld Collection

Best for: The illusion of space

A little dramatic but oh-so-elegant, this iron arched mirror features an industrial-inspired design that doubles as a stylish window when mounted. Pair it with a second mirror to add brightness and depth to your living space, with no assembly required for effortless installation.

Size: 107.5cm x 154.5cm

Colour: Antique black

Materials: Iron and mirror

Key features:

  • Ready to wall mount
  • Industrial style
  • Iron framing


‘Minim’ round wall mirror

$399 (now $279), James Lane

Best for: Subtle sophistication

The ‘Minim’ wall mirror features a minimalist rounded design on a thin frame, offering understated elegance that blends seamlessly with any home style. Offered in black and white options and two sizes, this mirror ensures a polished look whether placed over a bathroom vanity or in the living room.

Size: 90cm and 120cm

Colours: Black and White

Materials: Iron, MDF and glass

Key features:

  • Sleek, minimalist style
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Black framing

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