Take your safety to the next level with Telstra’s Smart Home platform

Latest technology will keep you and your loved ones safe at all time

If you run a business from home or shop online regularly, planning safe delivery is a must. This is where new smart home technology comes in, allowing you to create a parcel delivery point with a secure door from the mud room into the rest of the house, and remote access locks fitted to the outer door.


Lockwood’s smart door locks can be operated remotely via your smartphone or tablet, so when your courier arrives, you can let them in, wherever you are. 


Fitting a remote-operation wi-fi HD camera allows you to check who’s visiting your home while you’re out, as well as letting you keep an eye on what your furry friend is up to. Both devices – as well as a host of others such as motion sensors, smart lights and thermostats – can all be operated by the new Telstra Smart Home platform.



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