Alisa and Lysandra share their interior design tips for 2024

Following the success of their 'Twin Off' series, The Block duo discuss all things style and design.
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A lot has happened since twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser shot to fame after winning The Block 2013. While the fan favourites could’ve taken their winnings and settled down, they decided to tackle the challenge once more, competing in The Block: Fans vs Favourites the very next year.

Since then, they’ve continued to win over the design world and our hearts. This year marks the 10th anniversary of their company, Alisa & Lysandra Interiors. They’ve stepped back in front of the camera for their YouTube series The Design Duo, even competing in a ‘Twin Off’ to build their ideal family home. The pair also launched a personal care brand, al.ive body, bringing sustainability to luxury hand and body products.

Here, The Block twins reflect on their career, how to find personal style and the trends to look for in 2024.

Modern duplexes with a stone facade and clerestory windows.
Alisa and Lysandra built their homes side by side in the ‘Twin Off’, opting for Luxaflex windows coverings. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

How would you describe your personal styles?

1. Urban luxe

While the pair regularly create spaces for clients in a range of styles, they do have certain aesthetics they gravitate more towards. For Lysandra, an urban luxe look, with plenty of contemporary touches, is perfect. She chose this style when building her family home in the ‘Twin Off’ Design Duo episode.

“I wanted my home to have a contemporary feel that exudes luxury,” says Lysandra. “My design aesthetic is darker, featuring smoked glass, coffee Oak floorboards and marble.”

Japandi style kitchen with dark oak cabinetry and gold accents.
Dark and moody cabinetry contrasts ‘Turco Agento’ stone benchtops from CDK Stone striking the perfect balance. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

2. Natural and earthy

Ambience is everything to Alisa, especially with organic elements. A mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences informed her design choices in the ‘Twin Off’ challenge.

“I designed around a Japandi aesthetic that features a light colour palette and a range of materials and textures from natural stone to rendered walls,” says Alisa.”

Minimalist stone kitchen with island, timber cupboards and clerestory window.
The hero material in Alisa’s kitchen is ‘Turco Argento’ From CDK Stone, which creates an organic and calming appeal in the busy hub. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

3. Better together

Even when their styles contrast, there’s a deep appreciation and admiration for their twin’s design choices that underpins the working relationship. And, despite their differences, Alisa and Lysandra often surprise themselves with how often their preferences match up.

“It’s fascinating how much we align when it comes to preferences—I mean, we often end up gravitating towards very similar, if not the exact same materials and finishes.”

Japandi style living room with raised ceilings and clerestory windows.
Luxaflex window coverings softly diffuse light while adding privacy to the twin’s homes. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

“The main point of difference is how we each uniquely interpret and utilise these materials and finishes in our designs. For instance, we might both use the same natural stone in our homes, but the colours and finishes we pair it with create totally unique looks for each of our spaces.”

Neutral Japandi style dining room with an oak table, boucle chairs and fluted walls.
Keeping with Lysandra’s urban luxe style, this dining table from Kolbi Furniture Australia sets a bold tone. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

How has your approach to design evolved since winning The Block?

1. Finding a signature style

In news that’ll be reassuring to anyone just starting to gain an interest in interiors and design, the twins are adamant that developing a signature style is something that happens slowly. Nailing that look, whether it’s contemporary, Hamptons or a country aesthetic, is something you’ll achieve with time and experience.

“Our journey since winning The Block has been quite the ride. Our design tastes and perspectives have evolved significantly. Finding our signature style has been a gradual process, shaped by experiences and the types of projects we’ve encountered along the way.”

Japandi style bedroom with green fluted wall details and natural wallpaper.
To create a calm, inviting feel for the kid’s bedrooms Bayliss Rugs were chosen such as the ‘Derby’ rug in Bone. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

“Building a portfolio we’re genuinely proud of has been a game-changer. These days, prospective clients seek us out for designs that resonate with our overarching vision, drawn from the body of work we’ve curated.”

2. Always adapting

One of the most important aspects of being a successful interior designer is the ability to adapt. While creating a sense of style is important, Alisa and Lysandra pride themselves on their changeability, especially when it comes to working with clients and difficult projects.

“Versatility is key for us. We pride ourselves on being adaptable designers who can dive into any design ethos, given the right partnership with a trusting client. It’s that mutual confidence that allows us to explore various styles and bring our expertise to craft spaces that truly reflect the desires and personalities of those we work with.”

Outdoor alfresco area beside the pool with stone pavers and white table.
A Satara Living ‘los’ dining table was chosen for the alfresco area in Alisa’s home. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

What’s your favourite space to design?

For Alisa and Lysandra, the question is akin to asking how long a piece of string is.

“That’s a tough one because we genuinely enjoy designing every space! If we had to pick, bathrooms are so much fun to design. However, kitchens also rank high on our list of favourites. Bedrooms, too, can be incredibly enjoyable to design; it all boils down to the unique challenges and creative opportunities each space presents!”

How might other design teams blend differing interior styles?

1. Find common ground

The twins suggest finding a piece of commonality, no matter how small. A shared elements that resonates with all of the people involved in the project is a great place to start.

“Start by openly discussing your individual preferences, understanding what aspects of each style appeal to you both.”

Modern outdoor pool with overhanging shade cloth.
To keep things cool in summer, a Luxaflex awning was added above Alisa’s pool. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

2. Compromise

Striking the balance between give and take is of the utmost important when you’re attempting to merge contrasting styles.

“This might involve integrating elements from each style in a balanced way, seeking a fusion that feels harmonious rather than conflicting.”

3. Get in the mood

Visual inspiration can help you create harmony, especially in the form of a mood board.

“This allows you to visualise how different elements could coexist in the space and helps in making informed decisions collaboratively.”

What interior design trends are you expecting to see in 2024?

1. Sustainability

I think this has been a bit of a buzz word for a while, but definitely think as designers we will be looking at environmental impact when making design choices. We have Luxaflex window coverings featured throughout both homes due to many factors, but their tailored approach using high quality materials and being made in Australia is a huge benefit.”

Contemporary neutral bedroom with sheer curtains.
Beacon Lighting pendants paired with Luxaflex window coverings create a gentle ambience throughout the day. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

2. Health and wellness

“The focus on well-being will continue to thrive. Expect designs that prioritise natural light, indoor air quality and spaces that contribute to the overall health and happiness of occupants. Even spaces that incorporate saunas and ice baths as part of daily life.”

Contemporary bathroom with marble and twin showers.
Lysandra’s bathroom features Grand Portobello Silk wall tiles and Regency Green Textured Mosaic tiles from Beaumont Tiles. (Photography: Jenah Piwanski)

What’s next for Alisa & Lysandra Interiors?

2024 has barely started but the twins are as busy as ever!

“We have lots of interior design projects in the works, plus many exciting plans for al.ive body. In terms of another Design Duo series, never say never!”

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