How to create a state-of-the-art kitchen

The perfect kitchen for those who love to cook

There are two elements to consider when creating a state-of-the-art kitchen, these are appliances and design.  






When it comes to design, the kitchen should be laid out for maximum efficiency. Consider task stations where the kitchen can be broken up into a prep zone, washing zone, cooking zone, and cleanup zone. A long island bench with ample walking space is ideal for ease of access when moving between the different zones.

Also allow space for two sinks, double ovens and two fridges, or if there is limited space, a French Door Fridge.


For your sinks, choose deep and wide basins with retractable heads or even hands-free faucets. For your cooking needs, consider if you want modular cooktops and ovens, which are popular choices for restaurants. And when it comes to choosing a fridge there are a few things to consider, such as storage options, finishes and design.

An LG French door fridge is the perfect solution to meeting the needs of entertainers or aspiring home chefs due to their savvy design and user-friendly features. Inside, the shelves can be shifted or adjusted to create room for large objects and the baskets in the fridge door are adjustable. The freezer has easy pull drawers and door baskets so everything can be easily seen and grabbed. The Anti-fingerprint Brushed finish, which is across a few models within the French Door range, keeps it looking clean and brand new, while the Black Stainless Steel, black Mirror Glass and True Stainless Steel outer are modern, trendy looks.

Functional design means ice is readily available without comprising the shelf space as the icemaker is inbuilt into the fridge door. The Door-in-DoorR design means you can quickly grab items without rummaging through the entire fridge thereby reducing the amount of cold air lost by up to 41 percent. Your fridge can also notify you of an issue through the LG Smart DiagnosisTM feature in their app, Smart ThinQTM.

When styling your new kitchen, choose a simple colour palette such as black, white or silver as the base and add colour where desired. Easy wipe surfaces and plenty of cupboards and drawers for storage are also key.




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