Eight things you never knew you could wash

Did you know that you can wash these surprising items?

We’re huge fans of easy cleaning, especially when it’s as simple as throwing a few items into the washing machine and walking away.


While a large capacity washing machine is terrific at cleaning your whole home’s washing needs in one hit, did you also know they can also be used for washing pet beds, as well as a host of other items?

Here are the eight items you never knew you could wash1:

  1. Pet beds
  2. Shoes and hats
  3. Bags (including gym bags)
  4. Pillows
  5. Sports gear such as shin pads
  6. Yoga mat (check labels beforehand)
  7. Patio chair pads
  8. Mop heads and oven mitts

LG has two large capacity machines in their range, a 14kg top load washer, which is independently tested to wash up to 73 items2, and a 15kg front load washer which can wash up to 71 individual items2 and comes with TrueSteam, a feature that uses steam particles to give soiled clothes a deep, superior clean – perfect for sportsware! Not just for big families, a large capacity machine is ideal for those who just want to do fewer loads per week.



1. Follow instructions on each individual washing machine and take special care to check the item is suitable for washing. LG does not accept any risk for damage to machine of material for inappropriate washing based on this information.

2. Refer here to see the official government website for full details on how the wash load quantities are dervied.

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