How to make a pretty timber artwork

How to create a unique wooden artwork without breaking the bank
Michael Tobar

If you’re of a crafty turn of mind, it’s fun to create your own homewares, and it can save you money in the process! We’re sharing how to make a unique timber panel artwork, the design of which is only limited by your imagination.

Timber panel artwork

You will need:

• Adhesive A4 shipping labels, available from Officeworks

• 5 x 70cm lengths of tongue and groove radiata pine

• Strong wood glue or adhesive

• Paint of your choice (we used Haymes Low Sheen Acrylic in Soothe)

• Paintbrush



1. Select a design for your artwork by searching through Clip Art, books, or on the Internet – we used silhouettes of flying geese. For best results choose simple shapes without too much edge detail.

2. Print your designs face up onto shipping labels (or trace an already printed image), then cut out carefully to make stencils.

3. Glue timber lengths together using a wood adhesive. Ensure that the edges are perfectly aligned and allow to dry. For maximum adhesion, bind with rope or elastic while drying.

4. When glue is dry, remove binding and arrange cut-out labels on top. Peel the backing paper from each shape and stick onto the timber, making sure that the edges are well stuck down.

5. Apply your paint to the timber in long, light brushstrokes. Dab any excess paint off the brush and continue to paint until the timber, including the shapes, is covered. Allow paint to dry.

6. Carefully remove the sticky shapes from the timber. Use a sharp knife to help lift the corners without damaging the artwork.

Tip: Select lengths of timber that are similar in colour and grain. We used one long length and had it cut to size at the hardware store.

(Credit: Michael Tobar)

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