Plum & sherry glazed roast duck

A must for your festive feast
Photography Chris Warnes / Styling John Mangila

The succulent meat and sweet and sticky crispy finish make this roast duck a must!





Preheat oven to 200°C. Wash cavity of duck with cold water. Sit duck in a deep dish. Prick breast skin with a skewer. Pour a kettle of boiling water over duck to loosen skin so it becomes plump. Carefully lift duck out of water, drain and pat dry with paper towel.


Fill cavity with crusty bread slices until breast cavity is full and firm. Tuck wing tips and neck under duck then tie together with kitchen string. Overlap skin across cavity and secure with a skewer. Place duck breast-side-up in a large roasting dish lined with foil. Brush with a third of the plum sauce. Season with salt.


Roast for 45 minutes. Reduce heat to 180°C. Brush with another third of the plum sauce. Cover wing edges, drumsticks and any other parts with foil as they start caramelising. Roast for 30 minutes. Brush with remaining sauce. Roast for a further 30 minutes, covering entire dish with greased foil when duck begins to overbrown.


To make glaze, combine sauce, jelly, sherry, water, vinegar and star anise in a medium saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil for about 12 minutes or until thickened slightly. Stir in lemon juice, to taste.


Allow duck to rest for 15 minutes. Cut into portions and arrange on a platter, spoon over some of the glaze and serve sprinkled with micro sorrel. Serve with remaining glaze.

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