Bricks are back: The latest interiors trend revealed

Here’s why the versatile brick is back at the forefront of home design
Cath Muscat

With its reputation as the humblest of building materials, it’s easy to overlook the limitless decorative and functional potential of bricks, which now offer a wide range of stylishly contemporary finishes, colours and mortar options.

Three experts tell Home Beautiful why this durable, versatile and cost-effective material is enjoying a revival.

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(Credit: Chris Warnes)

Divide and conquer

Brick feature walls can lend a striking note to an open-plan living area, delineating zones and adding texture to a space, or connecting the indoors to out.

“We’re seeing external brick walls flowing internally, separated by a large glass door, integrating inside and outside,” says Brett Ward, general manager of marketing at Brickworks Building Products.

Make a statement

Amplify your brick feature wall by choosing a statement brick or experimenting with multiple designs: “A little of one brick mixed with another type – or two – can offer a satisfyingly bespoke design for your home,” says Jai Sanderson, general manager of marketing at PGH Bricks & Pavers.

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(Credit: Chris Warnes)

Play with patterns

“One of brick’s advantages is the endless ways it can be laid to create something interesting by playing with patterns and mortar colours,” guides Brett.

Take inspiration from the way other materials, such as floorboards and tiles, are laid to give an unexpected edge to your home’s brickwork. “A herringbone pattern can work beautifully as a kitchen splashback or feature area,” suggests Lisa Santamaria of Santamaria Design.

Think big

Don’t be afraid to explore beyond standard brick sizes. Oversized bricks lend a luxe effect – try the Austral Corso brick, which is 500-millimetres long compared to the typical 230mm – or the new Danish-inspired PGH Lang Mursten brick, a slim, long-format design.

Turn heads with colour

“We’re seeing a wave of moody blues and dark shades that work really well with aged timbers,” says Brett. “Dark brick blends all the way through to solid black bricks with dark mortar continue to trend up,” agrees Jai. The new jet-black PGH ‘Mercury’ brick, with an alluring silver sheen, delivers a high dose of drama.

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