7 ways to motivate yourself out of your housekeeping funk

Take the trial out of household jobs with a brand new attitude
John Downs

Staying motivated to engage in all of the household cleaning, tidying and organising can get in the way of your real life. Here’s help.

Changing the way you do things around the house is just as effective as mixing up your exercise routine. With a few changes to your outlook and a good look at how you currently achieve a happy and healthy household, you can get out of the rut of home drudgery and into a place where you can enjoy it more.

1. Go in hard

Attack the hardest job first. Ticking a horrible task off your list at the beginning of your day lifts the weight off your shoulders and frees you up to move on to other tasks.

2. Find someone likeminded to check in with

Team up with a friend to set one another simple goals and make is a fun way to take the pressure off yourself and share the boredom of daily responsibilities. Make a coffee date ahead of school pickup to motivate you to get things done sooner or engage with apps or online social media groups for help and support.

3. Mix it up

If you find yourself approaching your current daily schedule with less and less enthusiasm each day, switch things up with a different order of tasks, a new cleaning product or swap tasks to different days for a change.

7 ways to motivate yourself out of your housekeeping funk | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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4. Give thanks

Rather than get bogged down in the negatives of what needs to be done, focus on the positives you have in your life to get a little perspective when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Thank others for their help and acknowledge the bounty your home and family brings to your life.

5. Timetable “me time” into your week

Look for balance by blocking out time in your calendar to relax and recharge at least once a week. Set aside time to spend with family and friends, be creative or indulge in a hobby or TV addiction that relaxes and inspires you.

6. Break it down

Rather than looking at an enormous task such as vacuuming the entire house, break it down room by room and work through them one at a time. Once you get started it’s easier to move on to the next task but by breaking down the goal into smaller, bite sized tasks you’ll approach each with more enthusiasm.

7. Get inspired

Surround yourself with friend and lovely people who will distract you from the mundanity of life. Indulge in coffee table books, Pinterest or other social media to keep track of where you’re headed in a beautiful life.


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