12 easy cocktail recipes to elevate at-home entertaining

Impress your guests with these simple but delicious cocktail recipes.

As the weekend approaches, it’s time to bring out the fancy glasses and top-up the bar cart with these incredibly delicious cocktail recipes. And the best part? You don’t need to be a bartender to whip up these cocktails!

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated soiree or Friday night drinks with friends, these simple but charming cocktails are bound to spark conversation. Cheers to effortless elegance in every sip!


Two-Fold Tango Whisky cocktail

The perfect tipple for the cooler months

Using Two-Fold Whisky steeped in spicy flavours drawn from red wine barrel aging, and the sweet Oloroso sherry, this whisky cocktail will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

;lychee ginger cocktail recipe
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Lychee ginger rose cocktail

Get creative with gin and spicy ginger beer

Packed with nutrients, the star of this refreshing drink is the exotic sweetness of lychees combined with the spicy kick of ginger beer, creating a delightful blend of flavours.


Rosé sorbet mimosa

This ‘frosé’ is the perfect pick-me-up

This delicious sorbet recipe is perfect for any afternoon soiree or as the ideal adult-only treat. The best part is, you can prepare your sorbet in the lead-up to your party and serve a scoop as a bright and refreshing delight when ready.

Hugo spritz and negroni sbagliato cocktails.
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Negroni sbagliato

Add a touch of flair with the lightly effervescent negroni sbagliato

The negroni sbagliato may have been social media’s cocktail of choice a few years ago, but the Prosecco-based drink is an Italian classic, swapping gin for sparkling wine, as with a negroni.

Melbourne Cup lunch | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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Mello’ Poppins cocktail

A delicious cocktail perfect for summer

A glass full of freshly squeezed watermelon juice combined with vodka and Aperol creates this delightfully refreshing cocktail by The Grounds.

Lillet, gin and guava Autumn rose cocktail
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Lillet, gin and guava autumn rosé

A lively gin cocktail with tones of autumn leaves

This lovely little number is simple to prepare and ideal as a brunch or dinner party cocktail. While the warm colour evokes the russet tones of autumn and winter, it can be enjoyed all year round.

Bathers' Pavilion Strawberry Serenade and Botanist Green house gin cocktail recipes
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Strawberry Serenade cocktail

A perfect celebration cocktail for lunch by the sea

Chefs at Sydney’s Bathers’ Pavilion, Cameron Johnston & Shruti Punja, share their recipe for the Strawberry Serenade – a brilliant, simple, gin-based cocktail.


Frozen cherry cocktail

A festive treat enjoyed year-round

This delicious slushy cocktail is perfect for the festive season or served as an after-dinner dessert cocktail with cherries and blueberries bursting with flavour.

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Sgroppino sorbet cocktail

Spoiler: contains Prosecco!

We love finding new ways to drink sparkling wine, and this beauty puts a fabulous twist on an age-old refresher that once graced aristocratic Venetian tables. 

classic Negroni cocktail recipe
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Classic Negroni cocktail

Perfect for the entry-level entertainer

Wondering what cocktail to serve up to everyone from your dear old Dad to a cosmopolitan crowd of friends? The Negroni is one of the easiest cocktails to make – the key is quality ingredients.

champagne gin cocktail recipe
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French 75 cocktail

Simple, elegant and celebratory

This is a classic cocktail and for good reason! The simple blend of gin, champagne and lemon creates a delicate but sweet taste that’ll have your guests asking for seconds.

Pimm's peach cocktail in a tall glass.
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Pimm’s peach cocktail

An unexpected peachy punch

Mix-up your weeknight with a sweet cocktail featuring decadent peaches baked in Pimm’s syrup. A little fruity and a little tangy, this fresh cocktail is best served with cream to balance the flavour.

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