It’s all about basket-weave homewares right now

This trend has woven its way into our hearts.
woven homewares table matsPhotography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough

Let’s face it, there’s nothing new about the basket weave… but that’s precisely the point. While we’re being inundated with new-gen geometrics, bright prints and architectural innovations, there’s something so comforting about a trend as soft, familiar and nostalgic as basket weave.

What are basket-weave homewares exactly? They cover anything made in a way that resembles basket weave. We’re seeing the recent revival in everything from lamps and pendant lights to placemats for the table. Woven wall hangings are being used as artwork, whether in one large statement piece or multiple hung together.

Let’s also not miss the obvious: woven baskets being slung in all shapes and sizes from hooks (or even a rustic wooden ladder) and nestled into every corner of the house for the most warm and inviting display of texture.

The basket-weave trend has even made its way onto bedheads and wallpaper. Mix with checkered fabrics and linen in chocolate-box shades for a charming modern combo.

If you’re keen to try the trend for yourself, Home Beautiful stylist Lucy Gough shows how it’s done…

1. Display baskets like artwork

There’s often blank wall space to fill by a front door. Woven baskets layered on hooks creates an eclectic alternative to artwork while doubling as an eco-conscious display to grab on your way to the markets. Add baskets under a bench seat or use to pretty up pot plants.

woven homewares mudroom
Visual Rattan coat racks, Coastal Country Home Decor. Dolly bag, Pretty Snippets. ‘Bowen’ seagrass bag, French Knot. Mini ‘Chari’ rattan bag, Olli Ella. ‘Hola’ bag in Orange/Natural, Pretty Snippets. Rattan hanging planter, H&M. Anine Bing ‘Rio’ tote in Sand, David Jones. Strawberry basket bag, $29.95, Pretty Snippets. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)
Somali jute wall hanging, Palm Avenue Homewares. ‘Yasmin’ raffia hat from Barefoot Gypsy. ‘Ellis’ picnic basket from Pillow Talk. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)

2. Embrace basket-weave tableware

Skip the tablecloth and go for woven placemats for a rustic feel at the table. Double down on the basket-weave with woven cutlery. Contrast the neutrals with vivid colours in your plates and bowls.

basket weave placemats and cutlery
Leaf jute woven placemat, Kmart. Australian House & Garden ‘Burleigh’ resin cutlery in Natural, Myer. Raw linen woven placemats, French Knot. ‘Blossom’ basket in Light Grey (with bread), Olli Ella. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)

3. Use baskets to create zones

Just like when you hang lights to create zones in your home, baskets can do the same. For a spin on pendants over a dining table or kitchen bench, hang baskets in varying weaves and heights for loads of character.

woven homewares hanging baskets over table
Baskets on ladder, from left: Rattan lanterns, H&M. Basket set (second from left and far right), stylist’s own. For a similar basket set, try ‘Willow’ baskets, Koch & Co. ‘Applewood’ kuba carry basket. ‘Blossom’ basket in Light Grey. Rattan ‘Hutch’ basket, Olli Ella. ‘Blossom’ basket in Nude, Olli Ella. ‘Alice’ scallop rattan pendant light, $199, Ivory & Deene. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)

4. Mix basket-weave and checkers

Basket-weave and checkered prints are a match made in heaven. When combining various textures, such as rattan lighting, patterned wallpaper and checkered bedlinen, keep to a colour palette to create a unified look and stop the space from looking crowded and messy.

woven homewares bed headboard cropped
‘Medina’ bedhead in Dargo Camel linen, Heatherly. Rattan bed end chest, Alfresco Emporium. ‘Harum’ rattan gathering basket (on chest), Barefoot Gypsy. ‘Esha’ pendant light, Barefoot Gypsy. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)
Rattan placemat charger in Sage Grey, Alfresco Emporium. ‘Camden’ table lamp, Beacon Lighting. Australian House & Garden ‘Burleigh’ resin spoon in Natural, Myer. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)

5. Layer basket-weave wallpaper and homewares

For the most inviting of spaces, go for basket-weave wallpaper. It warms up a space (reminding us of Kara Rosenlund’s home) and layers well with wooden furniture and floors of all shades, basket-weave lamps and lighting, basket-weave chairs and woven rugs.

woven homewares pendant light basket weave wallpaper
Thibaut ‘Provincial Weave’ wallpaper in Tobacco, Natty and Polly. ‘St Malo’ storage tray, French Knot. ‘Bernadette’ chair, McMullin & Co. ‘Chad’ basket (under chair), Provincial Home Living. ‘Alami’ pendant, Barefoot Gypsy. Rug, H&M. ‘Salute’ bag, Pretty Snippets. Habitat ‘Arden’ cushion in Denim, Pillow Talk. Round natural and white seagrass basket (under cushion, on top), Kmart. ‘Lark’ fluted basket, Globe West. ‘Flexure’ floor lamp, Few & Far. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)
Velvet ribbon in Silver, Flywheel. String bag earrings, Krystal Hurst at Gillawarra Arts. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)

6. Basket-weave homewares are not just for show

They might look beautiful but basket-weave homewares are probably as practical as they come. It might be a woven hat and backpack that look lovely on the wall but are your go-to for outings in the sunshine. Or a basket that’s woven into a novelty shape (hello, kangaroo) while also being the perfect place to store blankets or pillows when not in use. Have fun with it and use them to your heart’s content. The worn, well-loved effect is what makes basket-weave homewares look so endearing.

basket weave backpack and hat
Harum gathering basket, Barefoot Gypsy. Backpack basket, The Market Basket Co. Gregory Ladner hat in Sand, David Jones. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)
basket weave kangaroo basket
Kangaroo basket, Cooper & Co. (Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Lucy Gough)

Shop basket-weave homewares


Australian House & Garden Burleigh Resin Cutlery Set 16 Piece in Natural, Myer


Cutlery doesn’t come cooler than this textural set.


Gregory Ladner Woven Brim Hat, David Jones


Just try to find a more chic basket bag, we’ll wait.


Reina Table Lamp, Freedom


Dip your toe into the basket-weave trend with a lamp that’s woven shade meets gold base.


Sundays by Pillow Talk Ellis Picnic Basket


Hang on a hook by the front door for permanent picnic vibes.


Gregory Ladner Woven Brim Hat, David Jones


A flippy, floppy hat for impeccable style, hung indoors and worn out.

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