DIY hack: how to create a basket art wall

So simple and stylish

There’s a lot to like about the current trend for creating basket art walls. It’s one of the cheapest ways to brighten up a bare wall, it’s beautifully versatile and easy to create.

Instead of using a framed art or gallery wall, you add baskets in different textures and colours to make a decorative statement.

Take a look below for some inspiration.

Place a large mirror in the centre of your basket wall as a focal point. 

A large, single basket also works well on a small wall or when positioned over a bed.

For a modern headboard, add several baskets and overlap them behind your bed.

Baskets with raised sides work well and you can even include the lids from old laundry baskets to mix it up.

Top tips for creating your own basket wall:

1 Gather a selection of baskets. Shop your home first, then try op shops, two-dollar stores, vintage stores and IKEA to get a good mix of styles. Choose an odd number; five, seven or nine depending on wall size.

2 Place your baskets on the ground and shuffle them around until you achieve the look you want. You can overlap them or separate them, but don’t have them floating too far apart from one another.

3 Attach the baskets to your wall using small hooks. Small removable hooks are ideal, especially if you’re a renter.

4 Reposition your baskets until you’re happy with how your wall looks. You can add or take some away easily, too. 

*Main image from @styledbydi

Want to know more about decorating? Watch the video below.

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