Trending: Green marble – are you in our out?

The marble trend takes a step in a colourful direction
Marble Basics

Marble is marvellous.

Its place in the decorating landscape continues to endure and the trend towards bringing more colour into our interiors is being extended to this luxurious finish, past warm pinks to embrace deep green moss tones in kitchens, bathrooms and homewares accents.

A classic, hardwearing, elegant finish that can be carried throughout your entire home to inform a sophisticated palette, marble is so very versatile. Offering a rainbow of colours within its stony swirls, it can lead a perfect colour palette all on its own.

A show-stopping marble kitchen island might be reflected in a hexagonal marble mosaic tile in the bathroom or laundry splashback. A crisp white vanity may house a trio of marble accessories, or a favourite cheese platter or fruit bowl may be a heavy slab, honed and shaped to perfection.

Trend: Green marble | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Curious Grace)

If it seems like too much of an investment, or you love the look but are not sure how to make it work for you, start small. A vignette with a small amount featured will provide an entry point to coloured marble and you can build from there.

Get the look:

Green marble: are you in or out? | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Moscow marble tile $389/sq metre, Greg Natale (Credit: Greg Natale)
Green marble: are you in or out? | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
‘Woodrow’ marble round coffee table in Green, $1200, Fenton & Fenton (Credit: Fenton & Fenton)
Green marble: are you in or out? | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Marble Basics)

(left) Baby round tray in Moss, $170 | (centre) Marble tray insert in Moss, $44.95 | (right) Salt and pepper vessels, in Moss $75, all Marble Basics

If you’re still unsure, watch this space – we think this stone trend is set to continue gathering moss.


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