How to find the best property stylist

They’re a seller’s secret weapon

We all know real estate agents sell houses, but one of their secrets to success is working with a property stylist. When selling a house, it’s essential that you make it feel like a home, and that’s where property stylists come in.

Buying a house is an emotional purchase, so you want to impart a homely feeling onto every potential buyer that walks through the door. They need to be able to imagine themselves living there, and furniture and decorative touches can help them create a connection with your house.

But if you’re new to working with a property stylist, then you probably have a few questions, like how do you find the best property stylist and what do they actually do? Here’s everything you need to know.

A property stylist can help transform a tired, lived-in home into a fresh, inviting space
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

What does a property stylist do?

A property stylist can help transform a tired, lived-in home into a fresh, inviting space. It’s their job to make your house memorable from the moment buyers walk in. First, they’ll work with you to declutter and remove personal touches throughout your home. Next, they will choose furniture, art and decor pieces that are cohesive throughout the whole house to match the lifestyle that you’re wanting to paint for your potential buyers. A stylist should adjust how they style the home according to the types of buyers you’re targeting – be it families, entertainers, downsizers, and so on.

Do I really need one?

Yes! “Presentation is a critical part of every property being offered for sale,” says Charles Tarbey, Chairman of Century 21 in Australia. “Every home should be styled,” he adds. Not every home needs to be stripped bare and refurbished. “Many believe that styling takes time and will cause delays in the sale but styling creates the opposite,” he explains. If your home has a clear (and clean) style, and well-chosen furniture to fit the space, then you may only need a few styling additions.

Presentation is a critical part of a property being offered for sale
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

How can a property stylist improve the salability of your property?

Think about it: Are you more likely to buy a home that has a clear identity, or one where you need to visualise past the clutter to determine whether you can see yourself living there? Making your property neutral and without your own personal touch may not get you more, but it will get you a quicker sale at the price you want.

What should you look for in a property stylist?

The good news is, you probably won’t have to do much research when it comes to finding a property stylist as your agent will already know who the good ones are in your area. Since it’s unlikely that you will have much (if any) personal interaction with your property stylist (most real estate agents work with them on your behalf), their talent is what needs to shine most. Look at photos of properties they’ve styled or go to open homes and see their work in person. A good property stylist should have great attention to detail. “A property stylist can easily find themselves decorating different homes with the same styling,” warns Mr Tarbey. “Every home and every suburb is different and you should ask to see a number of properties – photos are generally easily available – that the stylists have done to ensure each home is unique in its styling.” Just remember, you don’t need to personally love their taste in furniture – be sure to look at the bigger picture. Have they created a warm, welcoming mood in the home? Can you see the story they’re trying to tell? If the answer is yes, then they’ve done their job well. 

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