Jamie Durie is coming to House Rules and we’re excited

The biggest year yet promising BIG renos and lots of changes
Tour Jamie Durie’s Hollywood Hills home

Jamie Durie joins HB’s own Wendy Moore and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen as the newest judge on House Rules for Season 7. That’s not the only change though – this year it’s not just houses the contestants will be renovating – it’s terraces, apartments and even a warehouse.

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We’ve Jamie Durie on our TV screens for over 20 years at home here in Australia and across the world. With 52 design shows under his belt, it’s safe to say Jamie knows his way around a TV set as well as a set of landscape gardening plans.

The author of 12 best-selling books, Jamie is also passionate about the environment and has his own furniture label, where he continues to revisit his landscape designer roots and look to nature for design inspiration. “A lot of my work is really inspired by nature and that really is a part of my design DNA”, Jamie says.

Jamie joins our own Home Beautiful General Manager Wendy Moore and the inimitable Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen on the judging panel in what is shaping up to be the biggest season of House Rules yet, with the contestants renovating an entire warehouse as one of the challenges

As an expert judge, Jamie says his mission is to encourage people to bring the outdoors in and help people reconnect with their homes. “I get to talk about everything I love in the design world, only on the inside of the house, not the outside,” Jamie says.

“I’ve worked with Jamie on and off for decades. He’s got such a great eye for design and he really understands the Australian lifestyle.”

Wendy Moore, HB general manager and House Rules judge
Jamie Durie the new judge of House Rules
From left, new House Rules judge Jamie Durie, host Johanna Griggs, returning judges Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Home Beautiful alumnus Wendy Moore (Credit: House Rules)

Jamie has officially moved home to Australia, after putting his Laurel Canyon home in the Hollywood Hills on the market and looks forward to putting down roots in his home country once again, albeit with remaining filming commitments overseas. “I think it’s a step in the right direction for me because, in a way, this show…it’s brought me home and it feels great,” he says.

“Working with Jamie and Lawrence together is going to be so much fun!” says Wendy and the three are “like family”, according to Jamie. “I’m hoping I’ll sit somewhere between LLB and Wendy,” he laughs when asked on Channel 7’s Sunrise what sort of judge he’ll be. “I won’t be quite as evil as Lawrence – he does make people cry on occasion!”

Jamie has also worked with LLB for many years on various design shows. ““We get along like a house on fire. I just find him hilarious. And Wendy, well she is just an absolute darling,” Jamie told New Idea.

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What does he expect to see from contestant on Season 7 of House Rules? “We’re dealing with a much more educated, aware audience out there now in Australia,” Jamie says. “I’ll be looking for how they bring the outside in, how well it’s built and how well they hit the brief.”

Jamie believes we should celebrate our unique decorating style here in Australia. “I’ve designed all over the world and I’m always finding an Australian Architect or an Australian interior designer somewhere in the mix – and I’m very proud of that.”

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Watch this space.


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