8 brilliant ways to use Kmart’s sell-out $29 stone decking tiles

Achieve the travertine trend on a shoestring budget.

When there’s a DIY project to tackle at home, your first stop is probably Bunnings. But one $29 cult product is driving budget-savvy renovators to another, unlikely destination: Kmart. Kmart’s light stone decking tiles are inspiring amazing indoor and outdoor renovations as well as complete furniture transformations.  

The tiles, which come in a pack of four, are made from natural travertine and can be used both indoors and out – and imaginative renovators haven’t shied away from sharing pictures of their incredible projects featuring the tiles on both TikTok and Instagram. One renovator even said she saved thousands by buying the tiles and laying them herself! 

We scoured Instagram to bring you five stunning Kmart stone decking tile hacks that will inspire you to bring the trending travertine look into your own home.

1. Balcony transformation

This dated balcony underwent a Mediterranean-inspired makeover courtesy of Kmart’s stone decking tiles. Cara of @twin_palms_lennox achieved a custom ‘cobblestone’ effect using the tiles by removing the plastic backing and cutting off the straight-edged stones along the edges to create a seamless look. After laying the tiles, she finished the look with grout in the colour ‘Buff’. 

Kmart outdoor decking tiles balcony makeover
(Credit: Photography: @twin_palms_lennox via Instagram)

2. Tiled bathhouse

Bijour of @vanillapalmdesigns says she saved about$2-3000 by tiling the bathhouse at Vanilla Palm Abode herself using Kmart’s stone decking tiles. Although it was back-breaking work laying the tiles by herself, she is thrilled with the end result. “I love the organic pattern, the mixed neutral tones and definitely the texture of the travertine.” She recommends ordering more tiles than you think you’ll need and pairing it them with grout in the shade Alabaster.

Tiled bathhouse featuring Kmart's stone decking tiles
(Credit: Photography: @vanillapalmdesigns via Instagram)

3. Outdoor oasis 

Queensland-based blogger, Mel gave an old concrete path at her home stunning makeover with Kmart’s travertine tiles. She too removed the plastic backing to achieve a more custom look before finishing the look with Dunlop flexible grout in the colour white. “It was a labour of love but I’m super happy with the result,” she says. 

Outdoor path featuring Kmart's stone decking tiles
(Credit: Photography: via Instagram)

4. Backyard bench seat

Velda of @stylingmyinterior transformed a drab backyard seating area into the ultimate summer entertaining zone with a coat of white paint and – you guessed it! – Kmart’s stone decking tiles. “They’ve made such a beautiful difference,” says Velda, who worked on the project over the New Year break. After grouting the tiles, she applied 2-3 layers of sealant to ensure the tiles stay looking fresh for years to come. She even made a reel with detailed instructions on how to recreate this project at home.

Backyard concrete bench seat tiled with Kmart's stone decking tiles
(Credit: Photography: @stylingmyinterior via Instagram)

5. Statement kitchen island

@wedgewoodpalms gave their white kitchen island bench a textural makeover. Rather than applying the tiles directly to the laminate, they glued the tiles to a piece of villaboard. The villaboard was then attached to the island with screws. The great thing about applying the tiles this way is that you can easily switch them out later should you ever want a change.

White kitchen with island tiled with Kmart's stone decking tiles
(Credit: Photography: @wedgewoodpalms via Instagram)

6. Outdoor table mosaic

The tiles are also useful for smaller projects. Shelly and Joel of @ourbrierleyeasthome transformed an outdoor furniture setting they on Facebook Marketplace using the stone decking tiles. The end result is a table and chairs that look designer (even though the entire project, including the furniture, cost just over $150). 

Outdoor table tiled with Kmart's stone decking tiles
(Credit: Photography: @ourbrierleyeasthome via Instagram)

7. Charming stone fireplace

A stone fireplace always adds a certain charm and warmth to a living room, but they can cost a fortune. Alicia of @provincialfarmtouch built her own fireplace using salvaged materials. “I wanted a stone look but not the cost of real stone … I used the @kmartaus outdoor stone pavers instead and did a white wash over them.” She attached the tiles to the wall using Selley’s Liquid Nails Heavy Duty.

Kmart stone decking tiles fireplace
(Credit: Photography: @provincialfarmtouch via Instagram)

8. Coffee table repair

Hannah of @home_with_hannah_ gave a $30 Facebook marketplace table a new lease of life using Kmart’s stone decking tiles. The table, which originally had a cracked glass top, needed a bit of TLC and now it looks like brand new! “The table turned out nicer than I imagined,” she says. “Just goes to show you don’t always need to purchase expensive items. Sometimes upcycling and a makeover is all you need.”

Accent table featuring Kmart's stone decking tiles
(Credit: Photography: @home_with_hannah_ via Instagram)

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