Cool weighted blankets are here and it’s time to chill

Hot sleepers rejoice!

If weighted blankets have changed the way you sleep, you’re in for a cool treat this summer.

With research proving that weighted blankets can reduce anxiety and help you get a better night’s sleep, many people have adopted them as a must-have in the modern bedroom.

Filled with tiny glass beads carefully distributed across the layers, weighted blankets help provide a calming pressure to settle the body and aid troubled sleepers to rest and relax – described by many as the sensation of being hugged. In the heat of the Australian summer, however, a heavy blanket can add unwanted warmth and bulk that threaten to outweigh the benefits.

The good news is that many makers of weighted blankets are now releasing “cool blankets” using a mixture of technology and fabrics that ensure the blankets are cool to the touch, wick away moisture, breathe freely and remain cool for several hours after you climb under them and nod off to a calm slumber.

Many are made overseas and shipped to Australia, however, there is a handful made right here – and with our climate in mind. If affordability is an issue, an alternative to having seasonal weighted blankets is to simply replace the cover with a lighter one in the warmer months. Neptune blanket and Therapy have a cotton alternative for theirs.

Blanquil Chill Cooling weighted blanket w/removable cover, USD$249

Summer cotton cover for Neptune Blanket, $59

Therapy summer cooling cover, $50

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