Amazing Kmart linen cupboard makeover for under $100

This is organisation goals!

There are few things more satisfying than a beautifully organised linen cupboard, however most of us can’t open the doors without the contents spilling out. However, one Queensland woman has created a linen cupboard that’s not just organised, it’s aesthetically pleasing too. Plus the whole makeover cost less than $100 using Kmart’s storage range.

“Doing the washing was something that we never enjoyed, but now we have organised the linen cupboard it makes it so much easier to put things away,” says Shaylee Smith from Coastal Inspired.

“It’s also really handy when we have guests. Plus my partner can even help with putting the washing away as I have labels now too.” Shaylee sourced her labels from @tillyandus

First up, Shay embarked on a big declutter which took a couple of days.

“I ensured I had at least two spare bed sets and donated the rest,” she explains. “I donated a lot of items such as towels, sheets and some bath mats.”

“We had so many mismatched bed sheets and towels, so I worked out which coloured sheets matched my doona covers, which made it easy to sort out what we didn’t really use.”

“I purchased all the baskets from Kmart. I used the wire baskets for the bigger items such as doona covers, towels and sheets. The zig-zag baskets come in a pack of two and I used those for smaller items such as face cloths and pillow cases. In total it was definitely under $100!”

For more of Shaylee’s organisational tips and home decor projects, visit Coastal Inspired on Instagram.

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