The latest FASCINATING indoor plant trending on Pinterest

If you’re not on the indoor plant band wagon yet, this remarkable specimen will get you thinking…
Saz B on Unsplash

The rise in indoor plants in our homes is a welcome one that’s both pleasing to look at and good for our health. If you’re still trying to find your green thumb however, why not opt for pure novelty value?

Prayer plants or Maranta leuconeura  are trending on Pinterest and tipped to be the next big thing, with their pink veins and undersides, they not only a splash of colour in their leaves from they provides a little punch to your interior but a fascinating characteristic that’s wholly unexpected – they move!!

Lovely plants to place on a high shelf, prayer plants tend to cascade over the pot and hang down, only to have the leaves raise upright at night time and fold together like hands in prayer.

The latest indoor plant trend | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Getty images)

How to look after your prayer plant

Place in plenty of indirect sunlight as this encourages them to close at night

Keep moist with warm water in summer, but don’t over water. Less water is needed in the winter months

Feed once a month with all-purpose fertiliser

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