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At first, an outdoor bathroom may seem like an excessive and unnecessary luxury. However, as anyone with a shack or home by the beach will tell you, kids and adults always track sand into the house, and it can be almost impossible to get rid of. So, instead of constantly sweeping, vacuuming and trying to clean up the granules of sand that seem to be most concentrated between the front door and the bathroom, why not install an outdoor bathroom to ensure all dirt, grime and sand is washed off prior to entry?

Now is the best time to get building, so you can enjoy that outdoor bathroom come summer.

We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring outdoor bathroom ideas that can be installed anywhere around your home and garden.

1. The basics

An outdoor bathroom doesn’t have to be large and fancy. As you can see here, all you need is a carport-like structure, a concrete slab with a drain, somewhere to hang a towel and a shower head.

outdoor shower tiled

2. Poolside bathroom

This particular outdoor bathroom can be easily incorporated into a niche or alcove of a property and will avoid tracked in sand or wet footprints on your floor. All you need is lockable barn doors for privacy, lighting, tiled floors with drainage, a basin for washing hands and a shower. Stick to all white and timber for a rustic feel.

3. In the garden

An outdoor bathroom can be as complex or as simple as you like. For those who just need a place to wash away sand and beach debris, affix a basic shower head to a fence or pole, and finish with a small concrete or timber platform. Bonus points if you have large foliage plants that can provide camouflage.

timber outdoor shower and white bath

4. Courtyard convenience

If you’re one of the lucky few who can access the beach via your garden or courtyard, then this type of outdoor shower is the one for you. Pick a rust-resistant rain shower with elegant lines and team it with minimal stone columns, a pebble-filled courtyard space and flat stepping stones.

5. Outdoor style

Perfect for both poolside parties and beach bums, an outdoor shower made from a timber platform, vintage showerhead, and hooks for towels and swimmers covers all the essentials, without requiring too much construction.

white tiled outdoor bath with foliage

6. Living in Luxury

If money is no object and you quite enjoy living in the lap of luxury, then you can’t go past a minimalist-inspired outdoor bathroom that boasts both an oversized bathtub and a rain shower. Raw stone, marble and lush foliage necessary.

7. Private oasis

For those who live in a remote location with plenty of privacy and breathtaking views, then a luxurious outdoor bath might be the ticket for you.

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