Why you need a salt lamp

Improve your health and wellbeing
Why you need a salt lamp | Home Beautiful Magazine AustraliaGetty images

Himalayan salt lamps have experienced a surge in popularity recently, and even if you aren’t interested in holistic approaches to health or wellbeing, the theory behind salt lamps is interesting.

The idea is that being a natural mineral, salt lamps are thought to generate small amounts of negative ions (oxygen atoms that are charged with an extra electron), and studies have shown that in high concentrations these negative ions can have positive impacts on the mind and body. Salt lamps are believed to expose us to more antioxidants, alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety and create cleaner, fresh air.

Here are 5 other benefits of owning a salt lamp.

Why you need a salt lamp | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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You’ll go to sleep quicker and easier

The negative ions produced by salt lamps are thought to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, and the soft light they emanate are conducive to relaxation and regulating your natural body clock.

Asthma and allergy symptoms may be reduced

Salt lamps are believed to be able to clear mucus, reduce dryness and inflammation and have healing properties. The negative ions produced by salt lamps are thought to increase the activity of cilia – the microscopic hairs in our windpipe that help our airways function optimally.

Better air quality

The majority of people use salt lamps due to the belief that the lamps can remove dust, pollen, smoke and other air pollutants from the environment surrounding the lamp, leaving your home filled with fresh, clean air. Salt lamps purify the air by attracting water molecules and absorbing them, along with any other contaminants the water molecules may be carrying, into the salt crystal. As the lamp heats up when it’s on, the same water is thought to evaporate back into the surrounding environment without all the contaminants.

Why you need a salt lamp | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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Increased energy levels

If you’ve ever felt more energised after a trip to the beach or a day spent in the countryside, that’s because your body has been exposed to more negative ions, the same negative ions that are generated by salt lamps. If you often feel tired and lethargic, pop a salt lamp in the room you spend the most time in, and after a week, you should start to feel better thanks to the extra exposure to negative ions.

Neutralize bad vibes

Digital devices such as phones, televisions, laptops and their ilk are believed to produce electromagnetic radiation, and the long-term negative effects on our health from that radiation are believed to be serious. It’s believed that salt lamps can neutralize some of this radiation if you position it close to your digital devices.


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