Win a Westinghouse kitchen and laundry package worth $15K RRP

Making your life easier and your home more stylish.

While kitchens and bathrooms may sell houses, it’s the laundry that’s the real engine room of any home. One that’s not only spacious – with plenty of cupboard space for storage, and bench space for sorting and folding – is a property goal for many homeowners. Especially those who’ve endured a shared bathroom and laundry, or having the appliances stacked in a small cupboard.

The enviable laundry is a true real estate dream. However, it’s not just the layout and fit-out, it’s also owning top-quality laundry appliances that will take care of your clothes and make life easier and better. Westinghouse’s new laundry appliance range is exactly that, and while there’s a lot to love these are the top three reasons to consider making these the starring workhorses of your laundry space.

1. Fast washing cycles for added convenience

Life is busy so many of us don’t have time for lengthy laundry cycles, especially if all you’re after is a freshen up. This is where the express cycles come in handy with the 10kg Front Load Washing Machine WWF1044M7WA and 9kg Washer/5kg Dryer Combo WWW9024M5WA both offering 15-minute and 39-minute cycles. Perfect for those times when you need a piece of clothing for the next day only to remember late the night before, or for lighter loads that aren’t quite in need of a full wash cycle.

The express washing cycles cater for those clothes that need a freshen up, leaving you with more drying time.

To celebrate the launch of its new laundry range, Westinghouse is giving you the chance to WIN a $15K RRP kitchen and laundry package (7 products)! The bundle includes a built-in oven, induction cooktop, integrated rangehood, quad door fridge, freestanding dishwasher, front load washing machine and heat pump dryer. To enter, click here and tell us how Westinghouse can turn your house into a home in 25 words or less.

2. Useful technology to simplify your life

We’ve all been there – started a load only to find that one straggler garment didn’t make it. This range solves that issue with a special Pause and Add Button which works exactly as you’d think; simply pause the load, add what you need then restart. And if that has you excited, you’ll love the scheduling feature which allows you to set when the washing machine will end meaning no more wet clothes left sitting in the bottom of the drum only for you to forget (then have to rewash them to remove the smell).

With classic good looks, the new range will fit seamlessly into any style of laundry.

3. Added features to save you money on bills

The washing machine and washer dryer combo have an auto water level sensing feature meaning less water wastage. This feature is so good, in fact, that it has earnt the 9kg Washer/5kg Dryer Combo WWW9024M5WA a 5-star energy rating and 4-star water efficiency rating, while the 10kg Front Load Washing Machine WWF1044M7WA has a 5-star energy rating and 4.5 water efficiency rating.

So, if you’re in the market for a new washing machine or dryer, or a washer-dryer-in-one combo then the Westinghouse range should be at the top of the list. These laundry appliances with handy features are just as suited to single households as they are a busy family life.

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**Model of dryer pictured at top available from July 2022.*

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