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This show-stopping dressing room is a winner on all counts

House Rules challengers create a Carrie Bradshaw dream walk-in wardrobe
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In a plot twist first on House Rules, host Johanna Griggs delivered a double-edged sword to last week’s winners Mikaela and Eliza – challenging them to finish one of their rooms ahead of time to score an extra 5 points and $5,000 towards the next renovation.

The extra twist was that they had to select a second team to challenge head-to-head for the prize. Lisa & Andy rose to the challenge and stepped up the pace to deliver their dressing room early – with incredible results.

Pete & Courtney’s Rules

  1. Indulge us with bold opulence
  2. Use green, burgundy, blue and black
  3. Add drama with moody metallics
  4. Excite with an entertainer’s kitchen
  5. Give us more than the obvious

“The vision for my dressing room is Courtney walks in and she falls on the floor crying in happy tears”

Lisa, Team SA
House Rules dressing room reveal
(Credit: Anna Robinson)

Lisa’s concept for the dream dressing room included a show-stopping central rotating mechanical clothes horse to hang all of Courtney’s garments with spaces for dressing, putting on makeup and a whole wall of recessed shelving for shoe storage and display.

She and Andy achieved just that:

House Rules dressing room reveal
(Credit: Anna Robinson)
House Rules dressing room reveal
(Credit: Anna Robinson)
House Rules dressing room reveal
(Credit: Anna Robinson)
House Rules dressing room reveal
(Credit: Anna Robinson)

Working to the House Rules, Lisa thought of everything in her design to make it a space that was both functional and fabulous:

  • a glossy black dressing table topped with a classic Hollywood glamour makeup mirror – complete with surrounding lights
  • bold wallpaper that cleverly masked the bulk head above the mechanical wardrobe
  • floor-to-ceiling recessed shoe rack
  • luxe finishes and fabrics
House Rules dressing room reveal
(Credit: Anna Robinson)

Get the look:

House Rules dressing room reveal

(left) Mod stool in Black, $69, Early Settler | (centre) ‘Passionate Roses’ wallpaper, $129, Wallpaper Brokers | (right) ‘Bela’ beauty mirror, $229 Fantastic Furniture


Whilst Pete & Courtney were over the moon with Mikaela & Eliza’s efforts in the lounge room, it was Lisa & Andy who won the challenge to score five extra points and $5000 for the next renovation.

We now await the whole house reveal to see how the other teams perform in the eyes of the all-important judges Wendy Moore, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Jamie Durie.

House Rules Pete & Courtney lounge room reveal
Lounge Room by Mikaela & Eliza (Credit: Anna Robinson)


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