5 surprising trends you didn’t see coming in 2019

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5 surprising trends you didn’t see coming in 2019Banish

Whether we’re influenced by world travel, celebrity style, living sustainably or a passion for contemporary design, how you decorate your home will reflect your partialities. 

Sourcing furnishings and finishes to suit your style is the fun part! If you start by building a Pinterest moodboard (like we do!) take a look at what’s trending right now, according to Pinterest.

Decorating inspiration from travelling abroad
Travel inspires decor (Credit: Chris Warnes)

1. Travel

Since time began people have drawn inspiration by removing themselves from their everyday environment and experiencing the life and style of others. People are discovering forgotten castles, sinking into hot springs and looking to far-away places and tiny out-of-the-way towns to seek ideas and inspiration home to enjoy. Whilst Rio is topping many an itinerant wishlist, others are jetting off to unknown destinations for the ultimate inspiration.

2. Health and wellness

Nutrition, natural remedies and healthy eating are high on everyone’s list, according to their searches on Pinterest. Sustainable solutions in the kitchen – such as beeswax wraps and waste reduction are peeking everyone’s interest.

5 surprising trends you didn’t see coming in 2019
(Credit: Banish)

3. The side hustle

Making money by turning a passion into a life-sustaining occupation is a growing trend, with creatives working from home to build the ideal work-life balance. Ceramics, sketching and photography are all engaging people’s interest.

4. Party, party, party

Planning, decorating and sourcing goods for marking special occasions are big, big, big – everything from how to create a backyard wedding to creating a coloured smoke bomb for fabulous photographic moments. Donuts continue to delight and celebration cakes never lose their appeal, however, forget a 5-year-old’s racing car cake – trending right now are grown-up cakes shaped like numbers – seriously fancy!  

5. Grazing tables

The ultimate entertainer, grazing tables are healthy and beautiful – a feast for the eyes and a stunning way to celebrate with bounty of seasonal produce. Home-made jam and home-baked bread are also on the rise.

Create an grazing table for the ultimate in entertaining
The perfect grazing platter

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