8 of the best fridges with ice makers to elevate entertaining

Take entertaining to the next level.
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When it comes to convenience, a fridge with an ice maker is essential for any busy household. Too often, guests arrive and the ice trays are empty in the fridge, leaving everyone without a refreshing cold drink. And when the kids need to cool down on a hot day, having ice on hand is a true lifesaver.

Whether you’re seeking a tech-savvy fridge that offers fresh filtered ice or simply need to ensure you’re always well-stocked, there are countless fridge styles to choose from.

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What to consider when buying a fridge and ice maker

There are two ways water is supplied to the fridge to create ice: through an internal water tank or a plumbing connection. While an ice maker is convenient, you’ll have to consider whether you’ll want to refill the tank each time it runs out or have an endless supply through plumbing. For busy homes, plumbed options are a major time saver, but may be a little more complicated to install.

Then there are internal and external ice makers. Most ice-making fridges feature dispensers on the outside, with a water storage container located within the fridge door or have a water supply valve. While external dispensers are easy to use, they may not offer the streamlined look of internal ice makers.

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Shop fridges with ice makers


LG French door fridge with Craft Ice™

$5499, LG

Best for: At-home entertaining

While there’s much to love about this fridge, including an InstaView window, UV LED light and smart control, it’s the craft ice maker that makes it a must-have. Filtered rounds of ice from a slim Spaceplus® Ice System ensure you’re always ready for cocktails and canapés. Boasting an 847L capacity and a plumbed ice and water dispenser, this fridge has everything needed to satisfy guests.

Size: 847L

Colours: Essence Black Steel

Key features:

  • Craft ice maker
  • Plumbed ice and water dispenser
  • 3.5 Star energy rating


Hisense Pureflat Infinite side by side fridge

$1799, Bing Lee

Best for: Value for money

The PureFlat Infinite fridge has all the essentials covered, featuring a non-plumbed water and ice dispenser, Wi-Fi connectivity and 632 litres of space – perfect for the average family. Inside, the big bottle rack easily stores large items, while the built-in water tank provides ice and water on demand.

Size: 632L

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Non-plumbed water and ice dispenser
  • Smart connectivity
  • Metal-Tech cooling


Electrolux French door fridge

$3418, Appliances Online

Best for: Size and convenience

Cubed or crushed? This French door fridge delivers both, thanks to a slim, filtered ice dispenser with included water connections. Hungry kids will love the SnackZone compartment, while the SmartSplit doors keep everything within easy reach. Adjustable shelves top off the design, ensuring the fridge stays effortlessly organised.

Size: 609L

Colours: Stainless Steel and Dark Stainless Steel

Key features:

  • Filtered water and ice dispenser
  • SnackZone storage
  • Slick back and flip-up shelves


Family Hub™ French door Smart refrigerator

$4449, Samsung

Best for: Smart home connectivity

Perfect for larger families, this smart fridge is packed with time-saving features including food AI technology for creating shopping lists and planning recipes, internet browsing, voice control and more. An autofill infused water jug ensures water is always ready, while the auto ice maker produces plenty of ice on demand. The anti-fingerprint finish is the cherry on top when it comes to curious little hands.

Size: 640L

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Auto ice maker
  • Autofill infuser water jug
  • SmartThings home app connectivity


Mitsubishi Electric French door frost-free fridge

$4467, Appliances Online

Best for: Effortless elegance

The sleek exterior of this French door fridge adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen without compromising on functionality. Inside, an automatic ice maker provides ample ice from a removable water tank, making refills simple and hassle-free. Plus, a supercool chilling case, paired with VitaLED lights, keeps food fresher for longer.

Size: 700L

Colour: Mahogany, Diamond White and Argent Silver

Key features:

  • Automatic ice maker
  • Multi Airflow technology 
  • VitaLED lighting


Fisher & Paykel Series 9 integrated refrigerator freezer

$5499, Bing Lee

Best for: Seamless kitchen styling

The ability to customise the door panels of this fridge to match your kitchen cabinetry makes it ideal for minimalists seeking a streamlined look. Custom height installation and a mere 4mm flush fit design allows perfect integration, but more importantly, the internal ice maker produces a generous 1kg of ice per day along with a water dispenser and a 1L water tank.

Size: 303L

Colour: Customisable

Key features:

  • Internal water dispenser and ice maker
  • Flush fit, 4mm gap edges
  • Easy installation


French door refrigerator with Internal Beverage Centre™

$3799, Samsung

Best for: Busy families

The beverage centre of this French door fridge truly has it all: an autofill infuser water jug, drinks storage and a high-grade carbon water filter. Below, a dual auto ice maker offers both cubed ice and Ice Bites™ — smaller pieces that cool drinks faster. With the ability to produce up to 2.6kg of ice per day, the ice maker is incredibly practical, freeing up valuable room in your fridge.

Size: 648L

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Plumbed dual auto ice maker
  • Autofill infuser jug
  • Anti-fingerprint finish


LG  French door refrigerator

$1988, The Good Guys

Best for: Energy efficiency

Looking to reduce your energy consumption? The LG French door refrigerator has an impressive 4.5-star energy rating, making it both eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Plus, it features an ice dispenser and a UVnano water dispenser with a UV LED light to keep your water sparkling clean.

Size: 506L

Colour: Silver

Key features:

  • 4.5 Star energy rating
  • Ice and water dispenser
  • Hygienic UV LED light

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